Jorge-Alonso Chehade's Last Chance to Stay in the U.S.: Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray

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UPDATE: Use SEIU's click-to-call tool to contact Senators Cantwell and Murray:
Jorge-Alonso Chehade has one last chance to stay in the U.S. before he is forcefully removed from the United States, tomorrow.  U.S. Senators Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.) have to submit a private bill on his behalf. 

As of now, 2,598 people have joined a Facebook group in support of Jorge-Alonso; 2,856 people have signed a petition on Jorge-Alonso's behalf;  5,169 people have sent faxes to the Department of Homeland Security, can all of you make two more calls?  If you've never called a U.S. Senator before in your life, now is the time. 

  • Call Senator Patty Murray at 202-224-2621
  • Call Senator Maria Cantwell at 202-224-3441
If this is the first time you're hearing about Jorge-Alonso, I first wrote about him here, and yesterday evening Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) filed a private bill for Jorge-Alonso.  Unfortunately, everything up to this point was not enough.  We still need Cantwell and Murray to submit a private bill on Jorge-Alonso's behalf.  Please call their offices and express your support for Jorge-Alonso.

UPDATE: Statement from Jorge-Alonso's immigration attorney, Shannon Underwood:

We have been so impressed with the extraordinary outpouring of support for Alonso from Senators and Congressmen, community leaders, and the general public.  We were shocked and surprised that the Immigration Service ignored this support and denied our client additional time and the legal authority to remain in the United States.  The private bill introduced by Rep. McDermott was the last resort to enable him to stay in this country.

Contrary to public perception, Alonso and so many young people like him have no way to apply for permanent residency or legal status in the United States under our current laws.  He is the perfect example of the need for Congress to pass the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform.

Deporting Alonso does not benefit our society.  We would only be hurting ourselves by losing a smart, educated, and contributing member of our community.
Shannon Underwood - Email (24 September 2009)

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Chris Peplinski said:

I think it quite horrible how immigration chooses to deport people whenever they feel like it and it is quite horrible. If Jorge is deported, he will be among many immigrants who be cheated out of a chance of having a future. I think he shouldn't go back to a country where there is nothing there for him to advance his life. What Congress should do is to stop bickering around and change the immigration laws since I don't believe that they work. Jorge should be able to stay in the country that he considers home, since he has the right to achieve his dreams like any US Citzen. would.

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