Advertisement: Drink Corona To Stop Migration To The United States - CORRECTION

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UPDATE II: An advertising blog, Agency Spy, got a hold of this post.  I also found the website of the guy that made the ad.
CORRECTION:  In an email to Tony Herrera, the President of the advertising agency which represents Corona, wrote the following:


Thank you for reaching out to us and bringing this ad and the Citizen Orange discussion to our attention. Prompted by your note, we looked into the origin of this ad as it wasn't created by the agency and it appears to be a spec piece done without client input or approval by an aspiring art director.

We're not sure how it made its way onto the blog you forwarded, or others for that matter, but wanted to let you know. We'll also make sure this is clarified on Citizen Orange and the other blogs that posted the ad.

Again, appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

Kind regards,

Peter Krivkovich
President / CEO
Peter Krivkovich - Email (8 October 2009)
Also see the comment that was left by Kristin Fletcher, another representative of Cramer-Krasselt, below.  My original post was written as follows:


It's always fun to see faulty nativist logic twisted on itself.  Laura Martinez at Mi Blog es Tu Blog found this priceless piece of advertising (sombrero tip to The Mex Files):

Drink us and we'll hire more Mexicans in Mexico.
Corona Advertisement - Mi Blog Es Tu Blog
(28 September 2009)
UPDATE I: See conversation between myself and RickB of Ten Percent in the comments of this post for added context.

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It's always fun to see faulty nativist logic twisted on itself.  Laura Martinez at Mi Blog es Tu Blog found this priceless piece of advertising (sombrero tip to The Mex Files): Drink us and we'll hire more Mexicans in Mexico.Corona... Read More


RickB said:

Also it could say- Drink us and we will keep outsourcing jobs and adding food miles to our shitty drug.
Actually it's almost a perfect error, it reveals the blatant use of racism/divide and rule to mask neoliberal exploitation of workers and consumers. That they are comfortable doing this means their appraisal of US consumers is- they are stupid and bigoted (beer helps with both). I would not buy product from someone so insulting to their customers and so casually racist.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

You know I respect you completely, RickB, on these matters, but can you explain what you mean by outsourcing? Corona would be outsourcing jobs from the U.S.?

I've long stated that I believe the only solution to the problems associated with migration is global equity. We need to move towards a world where people migrate out of want, not out of need.

While Corona might not be the best messenger for creating jobs and opportunity in Mexico, I believe the message is right on. If the U.S. really wants to stop migration it needs to support working people in sending nations.

RickB said:

I assumed it was an ad for the US market? The message seemed to be drink us so it creates demand for jobs in Mexico and so reduces migration, it was appealing to a nativist mindset. Global equity is the solution but corporations do not create that, they exploit inequity, is Corona a good employer and there is the issue of food miles, where something can be made locally it should be and if it is so great people far and wide want it (through genuine appreciation not marketing primed desires) they should pay a premium to cover the shipping and environmental costs of that shipping.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

You're right. I think it's a direct message to nativists. That's what I think is so funny about it. It calls them out on their B.S.

I'm not sure what Corona's employment practices are, but I agree that Corona is generally not the best messenger for global equity, but that doesn't change the message. Real opportunity in sending nations is the real solution to the problems associated with migration.

Regarding food miles, another thing we agree on, generally, but Mexico is not that far from the U.S. so it's not the same thing as sending something like rice halfway around the world.

I think we're on the same page we just have a different reaction to the advertisement.

RickB said:

Yes, I see the other angle now, it's Corona spoofing the nativists and selling beer (also I am ignorant of beer, don't like it, don't drink it and also see the damage alcohol abuse does in profit led societies).

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

That's another angle to this. I'm a beer drinker. Alcohol is the one drug I do use recreationally. While I believe I and many others I know drink responsibly, I also acknowledge that there are many who do not and cannot. The disease of alcoholism is especially prevalent in indigenous communities and pushing alcohol in indigenous communities should be considered an act of violence, in my view, and has been used as a method to subdue indigenous communities for centuries.

The above advertisement should take this and all the other points you've brought up into consideration, RickB. I still think it's valuable to have posted on it, though. Cheers to Laura Martinez who found this advertisement and put it online for all to see.

I had forgotten about it when I appropriated Laura's find for my site about Victoria beer, which a few years ago ran an advertising campaign that also spoofed immigration and the United States. For reasons I can't remember (if I ever knew) Victoria couldn't be sold in the United States, so the ad camopaign featured two "typical" tourists trying to smuggle cases back to the U.S.

One commercial I remember had the guys digging a tunnel under the border... and coming up inside a Mexican prison. Another, they were in drag as Mexicana stewardesses... and the plane is making landing in Guadalajara. You get the idea.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Definitely post links to those ads if you can. Good find Richard, I'm happy to have posted it here.

Jorge Mujica said:

Funny... this is exactly why the whole thing does not work. Corona used to be Mexican, but now it belongs to Budwaiser. Yes, it is produced in Mexico, but when you drink Corona you are giving the profits to Budwaiser, and only leaving misery wages in Mexico.
Mexicans with miserable wages are not very prone to stay put... they are the ones who move to the United States... visa or no visa...

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

I didn't know Corona belongs to Budweiser. Do you have any links to back that up, Jorge? The only link I could find says that budweiser owned a 50% non-controlling stake, but that's still a lot, so you're point is very well taken, Jorge.

Here's the info that I found on the deal:

Dee said:

I found this link about Corona. It is the IMPORTER of budweiser in Mexico.

and it says:
Grupo Modelo, founded in 1925, is the leader in Mexico in beer production, distribution and marketing, with 63.0% of the total (domestic and export) market share, as of December 31, 2008. It has seven brewing plants in Mexico, with a total annual installed capacity of 60 million hectoliters. Currently, it brews and distributes 12 brands, including Corona Extra, the number one Mexican beer sold in the world, Modelo Especial, Victoria, Pacifico and Negra Modelo. It exports five brands and is present in 159 countries. It is the IMPORTER of Anheuser-Busch InBev’s products in Mexico, including Budweiser, Bud Light and O’Doul’s. It also imports the Chinese Tsingtao brand and the Danish beer Carlsberg. Grupo Modelo trades in the Mexican Stock Exchange since 1994 with the ticker symbol GMODELOC. It also quotes as an ADR under the ticker GPMCY in the OTC markets and in Latibex in Spain as XGMD.

Jorge Mujica said:

"InBev acquired Anheuser-Busch (A-B) in 2008, paying some $52 billion, and became the world's largest brewer (overtaking SABMiller). The newly minted Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABInBev) has a product list of more than 200 beers, including global best-sellers Budweiser, Stella Artois, and Beck's. It has a long list of regional beers, including Leffe and Hoegaarden, as well as a slew of local favorites, such as Michelob, Skol, and Brahma. The company owns 50% of Mexico's largest brewer, GRUPO MODELO, maker of Corona. Anheuser-Busch InBev has operations in more than 30 countries around the globe. "
Industry Center > Beverages - Brewers > Anheuser-Busch InBev Company Profile

I hope that Corona isn't actually using this ad to market toward the anti-immigration crowd.


sgn66 said:

I am very curious about where this ad originated and is being placed. I have it from a very reliable source that this likely was not created by Corona or its ad agency in the U.S.

K Fletcher said:

Just confirming what sgn66 said above -- this ad wasn't created or approved by Corona or its U.S. ad agency (which I represent). KyleDeb, hoping you might clarify this in the original post? Many thanks.

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