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At the end of August, I ended eleven months of blogging for the Immigrant Rights blog.  I learned a lot from the experience, which was for me a continuous education in blogging and activism.  Writing for the site was a great opportunity for me.

Eventually I learned what other bloggers on the site had realized long before, that a certain reactive style of blogging based around the news of the day or content provided by other sources was not the most effective use of time or blog space.  What I saw other editors doing there which I tried to mimic was to introduce new content and analysis into the blogosphere and use the site to promote offline campaigns.  

It is clear that management and the bloggers at are committed to achieving impactful social change.  I only recently started to realize the truly revolutionary potential of the platform which the site's founders have put in place.  I sincerely hope that the site reaches its goal of becoming a hub for grassroots collaborative activism, and I am happy that the site plans to maintain its current commitment to promoting the rights of migrants both inside and outside the U.S. 

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Maria said:


I joined (as a reader) about a year ago because I found your words to be powerful and truthful, but most of all it awoken something inside I wasn't aware existed. For this I thank you....

and as someone who is just a bit (ok ok a lot) older, I can assure you that it's not just what you know and voice that makes you good... but it's the spirit that feeds your human qualities that makes you better.

Buena suerte! and keep trusting that spirit, it will never lead you wrong.

Dave Bennion said:

thanks, Maria and Charlie, i have enjoyed getting to know both of you better. thanks for the kind words! hope you stop by again--i should be posting here more regularly soon.

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