Netroots Nation Is Over - Obama Administration Is Feeling The Heat

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It was a wild two days at Netroots Nation.  It's good to see the Obama administration feeling some pressure from progressives as a result of it, though I wish there had been more of a push back on migration policy.  I didn't attend Valarie Jarrett's talk, but I am told she was asked a question on migration policy.  I should have gone and done my own heckling and hissing on the subject. 

There's so much to write coming out of Netroots Nation, but I'm going to be focused on Herta Llusho's case until Wednesday, when she is set to be deported.  Look for more after then, and in the meantime, join the campaign to support Herta!

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Dave Bennion said:

She gave a generic answer (CIR) and there was dead silence and then Baratunde moved on to another topic. Here are my notes (paraphrase):

Q from Jackie Mahendra: How does Obama view need for CIR to get done?

Valerie Jarrett: We need CIR. Cecilia Munoz is working for me on this. Prez is committed, has pulled together Congress to begin dialogue, Napolitano is working to find out what to do but long term solution is CIR.
He has other things on his plate, may not happen this year, process is underway.

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