Lou Dobbs May Have Finally Met His Match

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Lou Dobbs has been an especially deep thorn in migrant advocates' sides for a long time.  Almost every weekday at 7 p.m. ET, Dobbs uses his perch on the "most trusted name in news" to blame a marginalized unauthorized migrant population for almost every one of the U.S.'s problems.  Scapegoating unauthorized migrants is a common trend on FOX News, right-wing talk radio, and among conservative bloggers, but there's something especially scathing about hearing it from the "most trusted name in news."
Blaming society's ills on a population that is barred from defending itself is an age-old political tactic that has long been used to distract and divide the masses.  Today, these tactics are to be expected from a disciplined conservative propaganda machine, but it is especially hurtful when it is legitimized on a network like CNN.  CNN seems to pride itself in not falling victim to the baser instincts of other cable news networks like MSNBC and Fox News except when it comes to migrant bashing.

Among other transgressions, Lou Dobbs has been attacked for blatant inaccuracies, as well as for amplifying hate speech.  It seems as if Dobbs' recent flirtation with the extremist theories of "birthers," might finally have the chance to undo him thanks to efforts led by Media Matters.  

According to the Media Matters website, dobbsconspiracy.com, 20,000 people have signed the petition "calling on CNN to credibly address Lou Dobbs' frequent promotion of fringe conspiracies about President Obama's birth certificate," putting CNN president Joe Klein on the defensive.  Media Matters even tried to run an ad against Dobbs on his show, making CNN look even worse when the network refused to run it.

This is the first time I've seen Dobbs actually put on the ropes.  If nothing ends up coming of this it's nice to watch Dobbs squirm a little bit and be held accountable for his antics.  Sign the Media Matters petition asking CNN to account for Dobbs' irresponsible embrace of the "birther" fringe. 

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