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Marissa Graciosa of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement was asked to write a letter in support of Herta Llusho.  You can download a copy of her letter here (pdf).  The text of her letter is below:

Dear Secretary Napolitano,

A bright, deserving student from Detroit is about to be deported, and we implore you to act to
stop this injustice.
By now you have probably heard of Herta Llusho, a native of Albania who was brought to the United States by her parents when she was only 11 years old. Like so many families who come here, they were seeking a better life, the American Dream. 

If you haven't heard of her you should know this young lady graduated from high school with a 4.05 GPA, and is now a freshman at the school of electrical engineering at the University of Detroit Mercy, where she is excelling. 

Herta and her parents have worked hard to overcome language barriers, to integrate and become part of our country's fabric. She is one of many reasons why we need the DREAM Act passed.  Our country can't afford to expel bright students like Herta, who can contribute to moving our  country forward and out of our current slump. President Obama was correct in saying, "These students are now children of the United States." Herta is a child of the United States and deserves to stay here.

Ms. Napolitano, your action is urgently needed. Herta is scheduled to be deported on
Wednesday, August 19, 2009. She submitted a deferred action request in February 2009, but it has yet to be adjudicated.

Herta's case number is A-96-139-441. Please defer her deportation until Congress passes
comprehensive immigration reform and the DREAM Act.

Sen. Levin has already written a letter to Assistant Secretary John T. Morton of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) requesting prosecutorial discretion in Herta's case.

Ms. Napolitano, you have the power to help Herta. Please review her case, and defer action.  Don't let Herta become yet another innocent victim of our broken immigration system.


Marissa Graciosa
Campaign Coordinator
Fair Immigration Reform Movement/Center for Community Change
Marissa Graciosa - FIRM (18 August 2009)

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