I'm A "Left Wing Terrorist"

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It looks like the folks at the great pro-migrant blog Immigration Clearinghouse are having an effect.  I've documented some of the online guerilla warfare that goes on in the pro-migrant sanctuarysphere.  It appears that nativists have set up a mirror site to Immigration Clearinghouse in which I get called the following along with a bunch of other pro-migrant blogs:

Groups supporting Illegal Immigration & Open Borders! Groups from the far left wing terrorists who want to destroy America.

Citizen Orange

All of these organizations promote and or sponsor open borders and no immigration laws! The federal government needs to look into these groups and find out what they are planning! We suspect that they want to take over America and make it part of Mexico. I f you have any first hand knowledge about these groups trying to partake in terrorists activities, please contact your local FBI field operations manager or call the local police department in your town. These groups are left wing extreamists HATE Groups with one thing in mind, the take over of America.
You can tell the sort of Internet dinosaurs we're dealing with by the sophistication of the site they set up.  All I can say is congratulations to the folks at Immigration Clearinghouse.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  I'm always happy for the free advertisement, too.  The more links I get, the more people find me.

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MdeG said:

Congratulations, Kyle. Inspiring fear in the ungodly is a fine thing, as long as it's done by scaring them with reason. Which you do! Keep up the good work, friend.

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