Health Care Anger Inevitably Turns to "Illegals" - "Send Them Home With A Bullet In The Head"

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Peter Dao has it absolutely right on the recent protests over at Consider This News:

I've gone on the record disagreeing with the term 'Teabaggers' and with the use of the word 'un-American' - I've done so because despite the astroturfing and the faux-grassroots opposition to health care reform, I place a premium on citizen activism and I don't want to tarnish legitimate protesters, even if I strongly disagree with their politics and ideology. There's no denying that some Americans have real fears and genuine disagreements with Democratic policies and it is wrong to assail their right to protest.

I have, however, singled out racists and other assorted Obama haters, some of whom are intent on inciting violence. They should be spared no scorn and should be universally condemned. Their actions are not about protest and dissent but about hate and violence.
Peter Dao - Consider This News (11 August 2009)
It's also nice to see various leading progressive bloggers take stand for unauthorized migrants.  Pro-migrant blogging has come a long way.
I can't help but feel that progressives made a huge mistake by trying to delegitimize the tea party protests and the recent health care demonstrations.  In the past, I've had no problem calling nativists demonstrations "astroturf."  Nativists are real tough when it comes to phone calls and emails, but when it came to actually bringing people out to events, or winning elections, their supporters are nowhere to be found.  This two dozen strong protest by ALIPAC is a prime example

That's not what's happening with these recent demonstrations.  Actual people unhappy with the direction of the country are coming out.  I disagree with them, sure, and I don't think their views are representative of everyone's, but people choosing to come out and express their opinions is the lifeblood of democracy.  When those opinions begin to espouse violence, though, or embrace lunatic theories, they have to be vehemently denounced.  I'm glad to see folks standing up against this hate.  This hate inevitably turns to the most marginalized in society whom often turn out to be unauthorized migrants. 

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