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If you can't tell, I've been pretty busy, lately, supporting Herta.  So much so, that I missed an entire day of Netroots Nation, yesterday.  I think it was worth the post and the video I put up, yesterday, though.  I also want to thank Mamita Mala over at Vivir Latino who I attended a New Organizing Institute training with for giving me feedback on Herta's story.  Maegan has gone above and beyond in her support of the DREAM Act, at the same time that she's not afraid to express her criticisms of it, which is precisely as it should be.  In addition to my work with DREAMers it's her writing, mainly, that I think I was in conversation with when I wrote my post, yesterday

In being caught up in Herta's case, I've also neglected my responsibility of advertising a panel that I'm going to be speaking on that I'm going to be speaking on.  I want to thank Will Coley of Aquifer Media for being generous enough to include me on a panel of giants, and for doing so much to bring us all together.  Here's the info:

Stepping it up: Creating Powerful Multiracial Alliances with Progressive Bloggers

Time: Friday, August 14th 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM
Room: 301/302

At this critical time for our nation, the progressive blogosphere often neglects to discuss larger social justice issues, particularly those related to race and ethnicity. As a result, critical concerns like immigration enforcement and criminal justice are mostly covered by nativist and politically conservative bloggers who use a "personal responsibility" frame to dismiss any attempts at systemic change. This session will examine the importance of tackling this disparity and identify the role of progressive bloggers in shaping public policy around social justice issues. Given corporate media's attention to issues of immigration enforcement and the revival of the comprehensive immigration reform debate in recent months, it is crucial that progressive bloggers are prepared to expand the public dialogue around these issues.

Will Coley, Aquifer Media
Cheryl Contee, Jack and Jill Politics
Rinku Sen, ColorLines Magazine
Jackie Esposito, Detention Watch Network
Kyle de Beausset, Citizen Orange
Netroots Nation (14 August 2009)

I'm going to use my time, basically, to call out progressive bloggers.  I will admit that lately things have improved, but I still stand by my claim that progressive does not always equal pro-migrant.  In preparing for my panel, though, I was impressed by just how much of a role U.S. migration policy was going to play in the panels of Netroots Nation.  Every block of panel time, today and tomorrow, contains a pro-migrant panel I can attend.

Mahwish Khan over at America's Voice has a good round up of panels from yesterday, and today I'm looking forward to this panel:

Kety Esquivel from NCLR, David Bennion of, and Dee Perez-Scott of Immigration Talk with a Mexican American will be discussing "the dynamics of the social change blogosphere from civil rights/pro-migrant perspectives" on "Four Perspectives from the Social Change Blogosphere: Case Studies from Civil Rights/Pro-Migrant Bloggers", Friday, August 14th, 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM.
Mahwish Kahn - America's Voice (12 August 2009)

I'm also going to be attending a partial screening of the film I reviewed but have not seen, yet, 9500 Liberty.

I also hope to go to Si Se Puede 2.0 panel and the panel entitled the Forgotten Agenda of Race in the Obama Administration.  Pro-migrant presenters are playing a big part in Netroots Nation, it seems, and I can't wait to report on whether it's reflective of something broader in the progressive blogosphere.

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