Janet Napolitano, Enough!

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I'm very happy to report that America's Voice, in partnership with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, the New York Immigration Coalition, and the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, have finally had enough of Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) continued abuse of migrants in the United States.

I recognize that the Obama administration has a lot on its plate with health care reform, climate change, education, and many other issues I'm anxiously awaiting action on.  That, however, does not give the Obama administration the excuse to continue to allow the DHS to terrorize migrants with the remains Bush-era migrant enforcement apparatus.  The people voted for change on U.S. migration policy and Obama has only given us much of the same. 
I have been pushing for the above organizations to take a stronger stance against the continued terrorizing of the unauthorized migrant population in the U.S.  While there is still much that can be done, I am happy to join these organizations in calling for DHS to:

  1. Implement the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law recommendations: conduct a full investigation into the home raids, make these raids a last resort; obtain judicial warrants, and videotape all home raids.

  2. End your partnership with civil rights abuser Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and stop the expansion of programs that have led to racial profiling and decreased public safety, such as the controversial "287 (g)" program in its current form.

  3. Correct the unacceptable conditions for immigrants and asylum-seekers in your expanding immigrant detention system. Pursue alternatives to detention whenever possible. Stop deporting U.S. citizens.

  4. Halt the expansion of broken policies that undermine labor protections, such as the flawed E-Verify program, which both labor unions and business groups strongly oppose.

  5. Begin work on real, comprehensive immigration reform immediately.
America's Voice (30 July 2009)

I encourage others to sign the petition as well.

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jackie said:

Thanks, Kyle!

Karol said:

Yes Thank you Kyle!!!

Obama administration should move ahead on three fronts: reform the legal immigration system so that it responds more adroitly to labor market needs and enhances U.S. competitiveness; restore the integrity of immigration laws through more effective enforcement, especially at the workplace; and offer a fair and orderly way to allow many of those currently living here illegally to earn the right to remain legally.

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