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Deportation deferred for Dream Honors Student at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Department of Homeland Security has deferred Monday's planned deportation of a 23-year-old Florida honors student who didn't realize until he applied for university that he has been undocumented since he was 3 years old.

Dare to Dream a Dream....universities and colleges support the Dream Act at Anti-BVBL.

At some point, we must acknoweldge the reality there are children in this country, without proper documentation, through no fault of their own, that have grown up as American as you and I. THIS is their home, this is their country, however, they came to be here, they have a dream, no different than my own children.

Grassroots Efforts for Long Island DREAMers at DMI Blog.

More Top Police Chiefs Back Immigration Reform at Greg Siskind's Blog.

New SPLC Report Details 75 Radical Plots, Rampages at Hatewatch.

Immigrant High School Student Endures Detainment at Immigrants in the USA Blog.

This high school student was taken from his bed by ICE in a nighttime raid in April 2008. He was detained for seven months, was freed, went back to school and finally graduated. Read the whole story, an amazing young man. - - Donna Poisl

Voice of America Talks to Immigration Equality at Immigration Equality.

"As I look to celebrate Independence Day with family and friends this weekend, I have once again seen what makes America the best country in the world. Americans are fair, just, and kind," Lara said in a statement.

BoA Accused of Exploiting Immigrants at Immigration Prof Blog.

The L.A. Times reports that ex-employees of Bank of America, backed by a labor union say working-class and immigrant clients are exploited by being urged to sign up for multiple services that carry high interest rates and fees.

Guest Voz: Honduran blogger sets record straight on real story in Honduras at Latina Lista.

Death, Detention and the Dream of Legalization: GritTV Panel on Immigration Reform at Of America.

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Kenny said:

From the LA Times:

Canada to require visas for Mexicans following surge in refugee claims

Mexican nationals will now need a visa to travel to Canada, that country's minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism, Jason Kenney, announced Monday. Canada decided to stiffen the requirements due to what officials said has been a surge in claims for refugee status by Mexicans.

In a news release, Canadian immigration officials said that for the first 48 hours after the new rules go into effect today, Mexican citizens can apply for entry on arrival in Canada. But as of Thursday, a visa will be required:

Refugee claims from Mexico have almost tripled since 2005, making it the number one source country for claims. In 2008, more than 9,400 claims filed in Canada came from Mexican nationals, representing 25 per cent of all claims received. Of the Mexican claims reviewed and finalized in 2008 by the Immigration and Refugee Board, an independent administrative tribunal, only 11 per cent were accepted.

"In addition to creating significant delays and spiraling new costs in our refugee program, the sheer volume of these claims is undermining our ability to help people fleeing real persecution," said Minister Kenney. “All too often, people who really need Canada’s protection find themselves in a long line, waiting for months and sometimes years to have their claims heard. This is unacceptable.

"The visa requirement I am announcing will give us a greater ability to manage the flow of people into Canada and verify bona fides. By taking this important step towards reducing the burden on our refugee system, we will be better equipped to process genuine refugee claims faster."

For the last three years, Canada has seen an increase in immigration violations, according to the country's Citizenship and Immigration website. This includes Mexican nationals without proper travel documents and those not leaving Canada once their period of stay had expired.

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