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Brisenia Flores: The Beautiful Latino Child the Minutemen Murdered! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

This story make me so sad and angry. This is the heart of hatred. It is the apex of all the vitriol spewed by anti-migrants and hateful people everywhere.

Read more on this heinous tragedy - Minuteman Leader Charged in Vicious Hate Crime Murder of Latino Father and his 9 yr old Daughter!

Flores por Brisenia at The Sanctuary.

at No Borders and Binaries. Prerna is planning to start a 511 mile bike ride to raise money for law school. If you can help here out and keep up with her progress as she makes this journey.

Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform launch new interactive website at People Migrate.

Bender's Immigration Bulletin links to Gen. Colin Powell on immigration. This wonderful speech highlights immigrants and immigration as the foundation of the US and speaks against those that seek to close the borders to "protect" us from "invaders."

Not withstanding this positive experience, this great immigration experience of ours--we are an immigrant country--people sometimes forget this. There are too many of our fellow citizens and leaders who want to focus on a discussion about protecting America from the dangers that our immigrants pose. They worry about American culture being overwhelmed by an influx of people who don't speak "our" language or who worship in a different way or dress in an unfamiliar way.

While Powell applauds Obama in his speech the truth is we're still seeing things like Border Bonanza: SBInet where buckets of money are being thrown into "border security" technology. (From Border Lines)

The Need to Integrate New Immigrants at DMI Blog.

Have Social Security No-Match Letters Returned? at Greg Siskind's Blog. A "desktop raid" was conducted on Overhill Farms resulting in 200 people losing their jobs.

Top Cops: Immigration Reform Will Promote Law and Order at Greg Siskind's Blog.

The 2009 National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Conference, June 17-19, 2009- Washington, D.C. from Immigrants in the USA blog.

Join the Conversation at Our New Home on Facebook! at Immigration Equality. Join their facebook group and help spread the cause.

World Day Against Child Labor: Mexican Foreign Ministry releases report detailing Mexican children traveling to US alone are looking for work at Latina Lista.

The State of the State of Minnesota, Re. Immigration at Smart Borders.

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