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Watch the video The Time is NOW - The RI4A Summit at Standing FIRM and check out their many posts on the RI4A conference in Washington.

Also check out Nezua at NAM Expo: First Day in Atlanta at The Unapologetic Mexican. Nezua is there to accept an award being give to The Sanctuary.

Looks like some of the nasties are backing off of Sotomayor. Check out at Sotomayor Update Anti-BVBL.

Also at Anti-BVBL Tom Tancredo's Aide Charged with Hate Crime. Seems that hateful people make good company.

A Look at Migrant Detention Under President Obama at Latino Politico. Not much has happened as far as "change" under Obama.

Reid offers up more of the same at Migra Matters.

While it's good to know that Reid intends to make good on the Democrat's campaign promise to address the issue sooner rather than later, it's hard to believe that he thinks that dredging up the same old failed policies of the past will mollify those gathered in DC this week to work for real change in a failed system.

Bender's Immigration Bulletin links us to the following story article Conviction has crossers' water supplier defiant. Walter Staton, and his supporters, don't feel they should have to ask permission to save people's lives. I'd have to agree. Allowing people die in an effort to deter others from attempting the treacherous journey is egregious and simply evil. Also a post at Immigration Prof Blog.

Reform Immigration for America Los Angeles video at People Migrate.

As pointed out by Dream Act Texas in Nice words in Egypt; Nasty Behavior in Washington we need more action and less talk when it comes to immigration reform. Families are still being torn apart and detention centers are still flourishing.

This isn't related to immigration, but I have to mention DAT's post Sanity about Handguns because I'm here in Texas where it is now legal to carry concealed handguns to class. Neither the scars from the infamous Charles Witman's killing of 14 people, nor the shooting at Virginia Tech or Columbine could sway our legislature into any sense of sanity. Thankfully other states care for those of us that see no value in these killing devices.

Fitz: Unchecked Immigrant Bashing in the GOP makes Immigration Reform More Likely at Greg Siskind's blog. Politics are politics, but if it means getting the Dream Act and immigration reform passed that'll work as long as Homeland Security gets the memo.

Senegalese immigrant graduates from Brookhaven College with dreams to live out at Immigrants in the USA blog.

This young man from Senegal learned English in a year and has now received his degree from a community college. Now he will go on to university and probably will be doing good things in a few years. Congratulations to him. - - Donna Poisl

Newt Apologizes For Calling Judge Sotomayor a Racist! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Council of Hemispheric Affairs Report on Obama Immigration Policy at Immigration Prof Blog.

The Face of Racism at Why Am I Not Surprised.

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