T Don Hutto: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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T. Don Hutto featured on The Sanctuary blog at T Don Hutto.

Award-winning blog, The Sanctuary, posted on the patterns of abuse in immigrant detention centers here in the US, beginning with T. Don Hutto. While the case of sexual abuse at Hutto is a couple years old, issues like the shackling of women giving birth and medical care continue to plague the immigration detention system.

New DREAM Act group starting up in L.A. at American Wetback.

Explorer scout training to fight terrorism and border violence borders on overkill at Latina Lista.

Experts Untie the Immigration and Unemployment Knot: Research Reveals Disconnect Along Geographic, Ethnic, and Racial Lines at Immigration Prof Blog.

Today, the Immigration Policy Center (IPC) released two installments of a three-part report, Untying the Knot, which seeks to debunk the frequently misrepresented relationship between immigration and unemployment.

From the Bookshelves: Blockading the Border and Human Rights By Timothy Dunn at Immigration Prof Blog.

Wage Thieves Target Undocumented Workers at Just News.

Woman Immigrants: Changing the Face of Immigration to the United States at Standing FIRM.

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