Migration Reform Rides the Popularity of the DREAM Act

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Movable Type ate a post I spent hours writing on Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, last night.  Today, I just want to get things down. 

One thing I've been meaning to get down for sometime is an article that was written in The Hill about the prospects for U.S. migration reform

Dick Durbin, the U.S. Senator from Illinois, specifically says he has the votes to pass the DREAM Act, but that he prefers include it as part of broader comprehensive migration reform.
Strategically, the [DREAM Act] is likely to be rolled into an overall immigration bill to attract votes. Durbin says he has the votes to pass the bill, for example, but prefers to do it as part of a comprehensive immigration package.

"I think it could pass if called. And of course Sen. Lugar's co-sponsorship gives me some confidence that a few Republicans will support it," Durbin said. "But it's highly unlikely that anything major on immigration like that, on its own, would be considered. It's more likely that it would be part of a more comprehensive bill."

Durbin said he is "impatient" to pass the bill and that Democratic Conference Vice Chairman Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) has agreed to hold hearings on the bill. Schumer chairs the Immigration, Refugees and Border Security Subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee.

"I've got so many young people who are counting on me for the eight years I've been working on this, and I feel morally bound to do my best to get this done as quickly as possible," Durbin said.
Steve Stoddard and J. Taylor Rushing - The Hill (25 May 2009)

I've already made the case that the DREAM Act needs to be passed as soon as possible.  I think it's irresponsible to play politics with the lives of migrant youth.  If Durbin has the votes, now, to pass the DREAM Act, he should pass the DREAM Act, now.  Everyday that we wait to pass the DREAM Act is another day that migrant youth can get deported or lose hope of ever fulfilling their full potential. 

I am willing to wait until the fall to see if the DREAM Act can be passed as part of comprehensive migration reform.  If that doesn't happen, though, I'm going to push with everything that I have to make sure the DREAM Act gets passed on it's own.  We've waited far too long for a victory in the U.S. The time for a victory is now.

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