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From Latina Lista: Part I DREAM Act Series: Undocumented student tells her side of the story / Part II DREAM Act Series: Legislators need a crash course on the DREAM Act / Part III DREAM Act Series: How soon will it pass?

Dream Killer Dems- A Lesson for EVERYBODY at Nuestra Voice.

I had the opportunity to interview Colorado State Senator Morgan Carroll last Friday on my radio show that airs on AM 760 Colorado's Progressive Talk. The Senator is one of the Dream Killer Five. That is Morgan is one of the five Democrats that choose to kill a bill that would have given undocumented students the ability to pay in state tuition in Colorado.

Borderline Cops--The Daily Show at People Migrate. Quote from a border watcher in this video after Aasif Mandvi asks where to plug in the Nintendo gun so he can shoot anyone seen crossing the border - "there's no gratification like popping them right off."

Migrants, Minors, and the Many Unintended Consequenses of Militarized Immigration Enforcement at Smart Borders.

A comprehensive publication released last week highlights the 3.1 million American citizen children who are adversely affected by the increasingly militarized form of American immigration enforcement.

Bellingham Raid Focus Results in Drastically Different Outcome at The Unapologetic Mexican.

Shortly after, Janet Napolitano confessed that the raid had taken even her by surprise, that she was not consulted, and that she would order a review. Speaker Pelosi was soon quoted speaking out against the devastating effects our "enforcement" tactics have been having on communities.

FIRM Spotlight: OneAmerica - Immigrants Help Keep Washington's Economy Strong at Standing FIRM.

President Presses For Immigration Reform - Take Action to make sure our families are included! at Immigration Equality.

Governor Rick Perry Legitimizes Chuck Norris' Secession Message at Para Justicia y Libertad. Why can Chuck Norris and Todd Palin talk about succession and get a pass while the anti-migrant groups scream of reconquista?

Interesting article on a sensus boycott at Anti-BVBL in USA Today: Hispanic groups call for Census boycott.

DREAMers becoming Doctors at Dream Act Texas.

DHS Report Provokes Lies, Slurs From 'Mainstream' Pundits at Hatewatch.

From implying that undocumented immigrants were responsible for the mortgage crisis to promoting falsehoods about a brutal murder in Tennessee, syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin has never let the facts get in the way of her rants.

Multilingual Chicago Speaks at Immigrant In The USA.

This is an interesting, easy to understand explanation of why it is important for all people to have more than one language.
Also A long way from streets paved with gold.
Immigrants, and especially refugees, are often very surprised at how difficult it will be for them to succeed here. Language, jobs, rent, expenses and so much more to contend with. Many wonder if they should have come.

At Immigrants's List Obama to Address Immigration Reform in May.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) is gaining momentum. Last week, President Obama spoke to top media outlets to emphasize his support for CIR - and to announce a faster timeline than many pundits had predicted.

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