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May 1st is this Friday and it's time to get out and march for immigrant rights. Groups around the country are gearing up to show their support for migrants and to protest against detention and discrimination. Find your local march and get involved.  Go to for events in your area.

What does May Day mean in 2009? at Smart Borders.

As May Day 2009 fast approaches, it is important to look back at the original celebration and what it did and did not do. On May 1, 2006, millions of immigrant workers left their jobs for an hour or a whole day to bring home the message that they are an integral part of American society. In cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, Tucson, and Portland, May 1 was an important day of immigrant empowerment and a powerful symbol of solidarity. However, that same year, the immigration legislation failed to pass Congress and the Secure Fence Act was enacted.

May 1st: Time To rePresente at Para Justicia y Libertad.

While have been trying to keep up with the dizzying array of events unfolding around us on t, but we have allowed the activities of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) fly bellow the radar. Over the weekend, the Washington Post reported that the "Pentagon and Homeland Security Department are developing contingency plans to send National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexican border." On the latest nativist front, immigrants are being blamed for the swine flu.

VIDEO: Congress, can you hear me now? at Standing FIRM.

'Illegal Immigration Does Not Happen in a Vacuum' - New York Times from No Borders and Binaries.

News Coverage: Houston's El Día Highlights the Movement against Family Detention at T Don Hutto Blog.

Virus Brings Swine-Hearted Lobby Into Foreground at The Unapologetic Mexican.

Going Viral (and Vile) About Swine Flu and Immigration at LA Weekly.

"Make no mistake about it: Illegal aliens are the carriers of the new strain of human-swine avian flu from Mexico." These words, spoken in the tremulous, outraged voice of California radio jock Michael Savage, are typical of the "debate" that is already inflaming the airwaves and blogosphere in the wake of the swine flu outbreak. It is the same kind of charge that always seems to be leveled against "outsiders" during times of national crisis -- whether it be the canard of refugee Jews bringing disease to France in the 1930s or of Gypsies infecting contemporary Italy.

LIVE BLOG 4/28/09: "Kick In The Head" Murder Trial Underway - Piekarsky and Donchak - Ramirez Murder at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American. The trial for the alleged killers of Luis Ramirez is going underway in Pennsylvania.

Sheriff Arpaio and Other Immigration Problems in Arizona at Dream Act Texas.

Yes, Arpaio is a problem. He has ruined many lives and humiliated many people. Today, is focusing its program on immigration and has a long segment on Arpaio.

Pro-Immigration Specter Switching Parties at Greg Siskind's blog.

Lawyer makes case against immigrant myths at Immigrants in USA blog.

This article lists several myths about immigrants and immigration and introduces an author whose book dis-spells many of them. - - Donna Poisl

Hate crimes bill passes out of committee, wingnuts pass out the BS at Orcinus.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for linking to the FIRM blog! Is there any way you could link to the site, to help folks find May 1st events in their area? There is a full list of events on the site and we are trying to direct potential marchers there.

Maybe after your first paragraph, you could include the link?

Let me know!



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