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Immigrant Children in Legal Limbo at Immigrants In The USA blog. This post links to the New York times article featuring Prerna of No Borders and Binaries. Also read Report Challenges Negative Image of Immigrant Elders.

Unbelievable Breaking News: Kick in the Head Trial Jury Pool is ALL White And an Alternate was the Driver's Ed Teacher of One of the Defendants! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American. Check out this sick comment posted beneath the story

I think it is terrible that he died, BUT, There should be NO CHARGES since the man was an illegal immigrant

DREAM Act: The College Board Wants Help for Undocumented Students at Standing FIRM.

The College Board, known mostly for the ubiquitous SAT exam, has publicly called for federal legislation to give more opportunities to undocumented students seeking to pay in-state tuition. Basically, the College Board is saying that the DREAM Act is, in fact, a good idea.

CNN and the DREAM Act at American Wetback.

DHS ordered to reopen "widow penalty" cases at Bender's Immigration Bulletin.

Starting the process of immigration reform at Dream Act Texas.

Deportation - then losing your child also at Dream Act Texas.

The outrageous act of separating a child from his mother, ruling she abandoned him after an ICE raid where she was detained, terminating her rights as a parent; then allowing his adoption to a white couple sounds like a bad B movie. But how often is this happening these days?

Dracula, the Republicans, and the DREAMers. Links to the great article The Vampire Dracula of Transylvania and the vampiresque Republican Party - Drinking the Blood of Youth - Immigration Reform by Vicente Duque.

Poll: Americans No Longer All that Concerned About Immigration at Greg Siskind's blog.

Rasmussen Reports indicates in their latest poll that only 5% of Americans list immigration reform as a top priority, a number that is consistent with historical numbers but is much reduced from the last few years when anti-immigration activists whipped up a wave of nativism not seen in many years in the US.

Shirley Tan Deportation Stayed Through 2010! at Immigration Equality.

In a story broken today in Melanie Nathan's blog, a private bill has been introduced in Congress on behalf of Shirley Tan. Melanie reports "When I spoke to Jay [Shirley's partner] today she was crying with joy and said the whole family including the boys were absolutely overwhelmed with emotion."

New Politics of Immigration on Display at Immigration Prof Blog.

Washington, DC - As Rahm Emanuel told a group of Latino journalists earlier this year: "The arrow is pointing in a different direction in relation to immigration politics in this country." Recent statements from key Senate moderates illustrate Emanuel's case precisely, while leaders from the Minutemen continue their campaign to drive the GOP into a full-throated embrace of nativism.

Texas newspaper reveals that when it comes to the immigration issue, they would rather be Fox News in print at Latina Lista.

Warning: If You Were Born on a Military Base, You Might Be Deportable! at No Borders and Binaries.

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