Today Is The Day: Put The Act In DREAM Act

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I wasn't able to sleep much last night.  I'm restless.  I keep feeling like there's something more that I can do to help get the DREAM Act passed.  My TV is running C-SPAN in the background so that I don't miss anything.

Today is the day.  Today could be the day that the hopes and dreams of hundreds of thousands of unauthorized migrant youth come true. has a post up with suggestion on what people can do.  Through facebook, over 1,500 have pledged to call-in, today, and over 10,000 have been reached.

Below are just some of the things you can do to voice your support for the DREAM Act, today, and I will write out the links so people can copy this and send them out to whomever they want:

1. CALL - The National Council of La Raza has a page to help you call your congressional representatives in support of the DREAM Act.

2. FAX - America's Voice has a page to help you fax your congressional representatives in support of the DREAM Act.

3. EMAIL - has a page to help you email your congressional representatives in support of the DREAM Act.

4. PETITION - has the official petition in support of the DREAM Act.

5. TEXT - Text "Justice" ("Justicia" for Spanish) to 69866 to be the first to know when the DREAM Act is introduced.  FIRM's Mobile Action Network is an excellent way to stay connected and have maximum impact at just the right moment.
I won't include this as an official action, but the last thing I'm going to be doing is praying.  Never underestimate the power of sending out positive energy and praying that the universe moves towards justice.  Feel free to include actions that I might have missed in the comments section.

If you want more background on the DREAM Act read the following two posts that I wrote on the subject:

The Politics of the DREAM Act
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rochelle said:

i hope they pass the dream act because there are so many dreamers and intelligent immigrants out there that we should give a chance please vot for the dream act

Leslie said:


My name is Leslie Ramirez. I'm a member of the Orange County Dream Team. I was wondering if it would be okay if we used your five possible actions in an e-mail we want to send out to people. Would you wanted it credited in a particular way or is copy and paste ok? I just wanted to double check before sending out any sort of e-mail. Thanks.

-Leslie Ramirez

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