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Post-Postville America at Smart Borders.

10 months ago in Iowa, 270 of the 400 immigrants working in a kosher meatpacking plant were criminally charged with using false identification. A marked departure from past instances where immigrants had faced only civil charges, the predominantly Guatemalan Spanish-speakers were penned in a cattle-barn and hurried through the mobile trailer-courthouse.

Racist, Anti-Immigrant Email On New Dartmouth President at Immigration Prof Blog. Also March to Stop Arpaio on the February 28th March - "Sheriff Joe has got to go!"

Immigrant Students Don't Choose to Stay Undocumented at DMI Blog.

The New York Times reported that undocumented high school graduates in Rhode Island can't pursue higher education. Undocumented students have to pay out-of-state tuition, which is about three times higher than in-state tuition, and are not eligible for financial assistance--making it almost impossible for undocumented students to enroll in college.


Lou Dobbs loves to tell people he's not anti-immigrant - he just is against illegal immigration. Follow the rules, and he's just fine with people coming to America. Uh huh. Remember the brouhaha last year when Lou Dobbs had an on air freak out over a report I authored showing more than 100 negative reports on legal immigration on his show over the last five years?

E-Verify - verify before you believe everything at Dream Act Texas.

Questions About Nativist Leader's Story Continue at Hatewatch.

A recent story in The [Everett, Wash.] Daily Herald detailing the troubled past of border vigilante Shawna Forde has provoked yet another round of crossfire among leaders of rival Minuteman factions and other prominent nativists.

Also Dobbs Fudges Numbers, Facts in Attack on SPLC.

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