Saúl Linares: The Ballad of Joe Arpaio



Lawrence Downs brings us the corrido of Saúl Linares, an organizer from Hempstead, Long Island (next door to one of my least favorite places on earth, the Garden City USCIS office). Linares sings about the exploits of Sheriff Joe "Arpayaso," Arizona's clown prince.

Sheriff Joe made his name racially profiling Latin@s, which has now won him his very own federal civil rights investigation.

Here's an excerpt, and you can hear the whole song, bathroom acoustics and all, here, lyrics here:

Voy a cantarles un corrido a los presentes, que le compuse a Joe Arpaio de Arizona, un sinvergüenza, desgraciado, anti-inmigrante, que se ha ganado el repudio de toda la gente.

Es un sheriff que está gastando mucha plata,
mucho dinero que paga el contribuyente,
Arpaio mete preso al inmigrante
porque el dice que son unos delicuentes,
pero tan sólo buscan un trabajo decente
que en su pais ellos no lo han encontrado
y sin sentido y sin razón aparente
por una calle encandenados los paseaba

Ya los latinos de Arpaio están cansados,
Ya los latinos están muy organizados
no tienen miedo ni al sheriff, ni policía,
a Joe Arpaio le dicen y le repiten
sos criminal deberías estar preso.

I will sing a corrido to all those present
that I wrote for Joe Arpaio from Arizona,
a shameless, disgraceful immigrant hater
who has earned the repudiation of the people.

[He's a sheriff who earns a lot of money
Money that comes from the taxpayers]
Arpaio puts the immigrants in jail
because he says that they are crooks
but they are only looking for a decent job
that they haven't found in their own country
And without any apparent sense or reason
he paraded them in chains down the street

[Now Latinos are tired of Arpaio
Now Latinos] are very organized,
[They] don't fear the sheriff or the police.
They say to Joe Arpaio and they say it again:
You're a criminal and should be in jail.

(my edits in brackets--please add any further corrections in comments)

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