Citizen Orange Has Come Alive Again

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I trust everyone has noticed the fresh perspectives on Citizen Orange.  I can't tell you how refreshing it is to have strong female and migrant voices displayed prominently on this page.  Read more below the fold.  
Providing us not only with insightful analysis, but impressive photojournalism straight from the U.S./Mexico border, we've got basya.  When Basya's not here she blogs over at La Gringa Rusa Mexicana.

Dee, who has long blogged over at Immigration Talk with a Mexican American and is one of the most tireless pro-migrant advocates on the web that I've ever come across, has graced us with her presence here on Citizen Orange and has already churned out three posts (1 2 and 3).

Finally, I've already introduced El Random Hero who regularly blogs at American Wetback, but he will be posting regularly on Wednesdays.

I ask that readers be patient as we deal with a few growing pains.  Movable Type is not the easiest platform to navigate and we're trying to get all of our different blogging styles in sync.  Until then, I hope you appreciate the new perspectives and energy.

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