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Bender's Immigration Bulletin directs us to the story: Two women arrested after alleged kidnapping at Bellingham Wal-Mart.

NYTimes Takes on Sheriff Joe Arpaio at Latino Politico.

Racial Profiling in the Los Angeles Police Dept at Dream Act Texas.

Widow sues over man's death at immigration center at Just News.

Hiu Lui "Jason" Ng (HYEW' Lew Eng), a 34-year-old computer engineer accused of overstaying his visa, died of liver cancer in August, weeks after being taken to the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls. His cancer went undiagnosed until days before he died.

iThink: Volunteering teaches lessons about our society at Immigrants in the USA.

The Literacy Council teaches immigrants to read and speak English and also helps others who are illiterate. A terrific, non-profit organization, that always need donations and volunteers. DP
The American Prospect: The Big Business of Family Detention at T Don Hutto Blog. Also Download the "official" End Family Detention Calendar!

Post hoc ergo Propter hoc at Smart Borders.

This tragic commercial ran on Fox earlier this week. The text of the advertisement fallaciously links America's current unemployment of 2.5 million to the 1.5 million immigrants who allegedly enter every year.

Detention Center Death Case Goes to Court! More Health Care Neglect/Abuse by a Privately Owned Prison! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

American Immigration Lawyers Association National Day of Action (March 19) at Immigration Prof Blog.

Join the American Immigration Lawyers Association on March 19 for a National Day of Action. Hundreds of immigration attorneys will be meeting with lawmakers in Washington, DC.

Also at Immigration Prof Blog Kino Border Initiative: Linking Across Borders, Not Building Fences.

Mexican consulates sign child deportation pacts with U.S. government but DHS continues to put unaccompanied minors at risk at Latina Lista.

White supremacism lies at the root of the 'respectable' nativist right at Orcinus.

Illegal Immigrants draining social services? A lie or a Lie.!! at ProInmigrant.

E-verify Amendment Blocked in Senate at Standing FIRM.

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