The Ultimate Immigrant

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Part of my assimilation when I firrst came to the U.S. came through comic books. I still love those same characters I saw on t.v. and read in books. The idea of having superpowers and unfanthomable abilities was something that has always facinated me to this day. It's only now that I realize how powerful comics and its characters can be.  

Take for example Superman, the ultimate immigrant.
He's one of my favorite characters and some of the greatest stories told involving Superman are those that humanize him. Stories that make him feel powerless even though he has the abilities to rival a God. At his core, Superman is just another undocumented resident living in his adoptive country, giving back to his people and being an example of what it means to be "American." 

He was sen't by his parents to a foreighn land so he could have a better life. He never knew he was an "alien" until his adoptive parents told him in his teen years, but even then he always knew he was different. He embraced his heritage and adopted his homes ideals and values. 

Yet for all the good he does, there are those who still curse him and wish he would go back to his home, a place he's never know and doesn't exist anymore. Sound familiar ?  I read Superman comics and see myself in him somtimes. I believe in my adoptive country, but I don't believe in the people running it. I want to help those who can't help themselves and be an example to other's who are following in my foot steps. 

Like Superman I lose hope in other people. I see what they are capable of and what they have done and it makes me sick. Why should I help them ? I should just let them kill themselves and be rid of them right ? But alas, in the end I always end up making the right choice no matter what the cituation, just like Superman. 

Superman is a cultural icon, a symbol for America and what it stands for. A country founded and kept alive with the help of immigrants, whether there from another country or in his case, from another world. 

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janna said:

I really enjoy your writing, and the way you make immigrants relevant in ways most people probably have never thought of. I hope that with our new President comes a new appreciation for the migrants in our midst, and that you will feel embraced by & proud of your adoptive country. Yesterday as I was talking to mi novio about Obama, I said "we have a new President." He said ustedes, I said nosotros. He said, soy mexicano. I said, you are here, and our new President believes in equality and opportunity for everyone on this land, con papeles, sin papeles o lo que sea. You are here, so he's your President, too. Whatever the official position of his administration, I can't help but believe Obama would agree with that.

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