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This may be a DREAM come true at No To Borders and Binaries. The Pass the DREAM Act idea on has 752 votes and it looks like it will make it into the second round, but more votes will be needed to keep this issue at the top.  Please stop by the site and vote.

Making the DREAM ACT Happen at Dream Act Texas

Realizing the promise: tomorrow is the day, let's make some history at The Sanctuary. Today there will be a major gathering of grassroots leaders in DC.

This is truly a historic moment in our Nation's history and YOU can participate. Tomorrow, visit from 3PM to 6PM to watch the entire event LIVE on our WEBCAST. We will be live-blogging the event at Standing FIRM, so be sure to check back for that too.

Immigration Reform Trapped in Political Dualism by Roberto Lavado at New American Media. Most of us here realized early on that Obama was not going to be a champion of immigration reform. His answers the The Sanctuary's questions were sometimes nativist in nature. In this piece Roberto gives us insight into what we might expect now that we've seen who he's appointing to head this issue.

"Coalition of Civil Rights Groups Condemn Rash of Hate Crimes" at Anti-BVBL.

ANY day, I would rather be publicly seen as aligning myself with civil rights organizations than a group led by a man that talks about human beings as dog food.

The Rise of the Undocumented Youth Movement at A Dream Deferred. To some groups the battle for human rights is more like a game where one should taunt those that have 'lost.' In this case losing means losing one's life in a sense. It's not like missing a field goal.

After the defeat of the DREAM Act last year, William Gheen, the leader of ALIPAC, who deplores undocumented youth and wants to deport all such students, issued a call for us to stay down: "we should never gloat, but it is time to rub these losses in to our opposition. They need to stay down, instead of forcing us to knock them down again and again."

Raids a terrible tactic and will certainly have no positive effect on the immigration issue so it's promising to read Work Place ICE Raids Ending? at Dream Act Texas.

The Obama administration is likely to focus on a more comprehensive immigration plan and cut back on workplace raids, which the Bush administration increased over the past few years, said Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum.

Interesting post at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American titled Globalization Leads to Evolving Multi Cultural Societies.

I believe the anger and the outrage originates from many of those who believe they are the Dominant Culture. Our society is a conglomeration of many subcultures. In the past, the Dominant Culture has been able, through economic and political power, to impose their preference of values, language, and behaviors on other subordinate cultures. However, the Civil Rights Movement and the end of the Jim Crow laws impacted their dominance.

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