They're Not Criminals: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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Both Anti-BVBL and Dream Act Texas report on recent findings that Chertoff's home was cleaned by undocumented migrants.

Latina Lista also talks about this finding in Sec. Chertoff's housecleaners may have been undocumented but they weren't criminals. Here a good point is brought up - the reason these undocumented migrants weren't discovered is because they didn't have a criminal background. They weren't criminals. Neither are the vast majority of migrants working hard in this country.

Weekly Immigration Wire: Harvesting Hate in Hard Economic Times at The Unapologetic Mexican on the rise in hate crimes against Latinos along with anti-migrant sentiment and enforcement.

Guest Voz: Prince William County Immigrant Rights Advocate reflects on the Christmas plight of undocumented immigrants at Latina Lista. From this post which is definitely a must read:

Yet while we try to be the best Americans we know how to be in helping our fellow man, woman and child, we do it despite the threats, personal attacks, and intimidation, not just from the Minutemen, but also our locally elected public officials.

NPR series on the border at People Migrate.

NPR is doing a series on the economics, geography, people, water implications and other factors that contribute to the southern border of the United States which is shared with the northern frontier of Mexico.

Dobbs, Republicans and ANTIS Vote Against American Unions and Workers And DonĀ“t Make Sense!! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Ventura County ICE Protest at Immigration Prof Blog.

On hatemail: People "Love" Me! at Para Justicia y Libertad brings us belligerent musings of the hateful mind.

Celebrating the Day of La Virgen of Guadalupe at Pro Inmigrant.

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