the national insecurity illusion

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The Bush Administration continues to abuse immigration law to trump up the stories of security threats it wishes immigrants posed--voters are much more compliant when they believe they are facing imminent external threats.  George Bush looks wistfully back at his post-9/11 approval ratings and dreams of a populace permanently under siege.

First, Lyglenson Lemorin, the Haitian-born bumbler who threatened national security with ninja stars (not joking), to whom the feds couldn't get any criminal charges to stick, was recently ordered deported by Immigration Judge Kenneth Hurewitz in Miami.  No such thing as double jeopardy for immigrants!

Judge Hurewitz's asylum denial rate, incidentally: 89.4%.  The national rate: 59.8%.  Interesting that Hurewitz was the one selected to hear the case.  Did I mention that Immigration Judges and DHS prosecuting attorneys are both part of the executive branch?

AILA President Charles Kuck, the dynamic and effective advocate representing Lemorin, will appeal the case.  Lemorin will wait out the appeal in prison, with no criminal charges pending against him.

Second, ICE is trumpeting a recent raid on an Indiana oil refinery as a critical success in defending the homeland from attack, even as it concedes that "there is no reason to believe that these individuals had ill intent against our country," and initiates removal proceedings based on civil violations.  I feel much safer now ...

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