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A testament to the fact that we're getting more an more organized online is the fact that the DREAM Act has gotten the most votes in's Ideas For Change in America.  It has over 400 votes and is in first place at the moment. 

Even better is that the charge is being led by undocumented students themselves.  Led by the folks at the DREAM Act is beating every other idea for change on  That's an accomplishment if there ever was one. 

I won't even mention the fact that Citizen Orange's own Dave Bennion runs an immigration blog over at, now.  Nativist better watch out, because this is going to be a much different fight the next time comprehensive immigration reform comes up.  We're much more organized than we were just a year ago. 

So go over to and vote for the DREAM Act.  Show the world how strong we are.  The sanctuarysphere is growing.

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Dave Bennion said:

Thanks for the post, Kyle.

Good work DREAMers and allies!

PL said:

The subaltern is speaking and it is wonderful not to have the DC orgs trying to drown out our voice (yet) like they have so many times. We don't need to be 'led' and then cast aside.

Thanks for the link love and to Dave of course, for doing such a wonderful job at

500+ now. Nativist who?

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