Russian Nationalists Decapitate Migrant

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The New York Times provides us with the latest evidence that the fight for migrant rights is global.  A citizen of Tajikistan was stabbed several times and decapitated in Russia.  The Militant Organization of Russian Nationalists claimed responsibility in an email to human rights groups.  Most disturbing is that these attacks on migrants are a rising trend.

This year, 85 people have been reported killed and 367 injured in attacks by nationalists, Ms. Kozhevnikova said. She said the numbers were probably far higher because many attacks were unrecorded or were reported months later. Most of the victims have been dark-skinned men from Central Asia or the Caucasus, but tourists and foreign students have also been attacked.

A foreign student who was attacked on Dec. 5, Stanley Robinson, a young African-American from Providence, R.I., on a study-abroad program to Volgograd in southern Russia, remained in critical condition after being stabbed three times on his way back from a gym, a relative said. The police are investigating whether the attack on Mr. Robinson was a hate crime.
Michael Schwirtz - New York Times (13 December 2008)
It's even effecting people of color from the U.S. as that last paragraph shows.  U.S. citizens that read this and consider the situation in the U.S. to be better are completely mistaken.  One needs only to look into the murder of Marcelo Lucero to see that, or research the policy of "attrition through enforcement."

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