Miami Herald's New Immigration Series

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Despite it's conservative bent, the Miami Herald continues to be a favorite stop of mine for news on Latin America.  I still often refer back to their informative Children of The Americas feature, which highlights just how bad malnutrition rates are for children in Guatemala.

The Miami Herald is starting a new series, now, on how migration to the U.S. is slowing.  Reporters for the Miami Herald buy into the false notion trumpeted by nativist groups like the Center for Immigration Studies that migration enforcement is actually working.  In reality, it's the economy that's causing the slowdown.

Still the series provides a global perspective on what is too often portrayed from a narrow nationalist point of view.  Here's the introduction to the series, the reasoning for it, and three stories: one on unauthorized migrants going home, another on slowing remittances to El Salvador, and a final story on the steep price migrants have to pay for a few more dollars in the bank.  I like the last two stories on El Salvador the most.

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