Bush Hurts Farm Workers: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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Congratulations Nezua! Check out his post on National Human Rights Day at The Unapologetic Mexican which covers the latest Bush atrocity of limiting farm workers rights.

Hearts of Darkness: A journey into the nativist lair at Migra Matters. This is an excellent post on Duke's journey into the alternative universe that is FAIR. Definitely a must read.

Story on RAID in Indiana at Standing FIRM.

But that's JUST IT - these people posed no serious threat to our national security. And yet, ICE is diverting tons of resources into the symbolic arrest of 11 women and 4 men, who are working hard to make ends meet.

Bush Administration now bails out agricultural industry with changes to guestworker program that creates a government sanctioned slave market at Latina Lista.

These changes, not surprisingly, turns more control, oversight and interpretation of the law into the hands of employers who are already striving to pay low wages, house workers in unsanitary and unsafe housing, and retain a level of abusive control over their workers that dictate their movements, work productivity and earnings.

Bender's Immigration Bulletin points us to the article De-Romanticizing Our Immigrant Past: Why Claiming "My Family Came Legally" Is Often a Myth released by the Immigration Policy Center.

Many people assume that their family immigrated to the U.S. legally, or did it "the right way." In most cases, this statement does not reflect the fact that the U.S. immigration system was very different when their families arrived, and that their families might not have been allowed to enter had today's laws been in effect. In some cases, claiming that a family came "legally" is simply inaccurate-undocumented immigration has been a reality for generations.

Immigration Controversy on Facebook at Immigration Prof Blogs talks about the movement to remove Peter Thiel from Facebook's Board of Directors. Damn Mexicans and Citizen Orange broke this story a a month ago and a Facebook group was created. Now that group is over 2,000 strong.

Brooklyn: Latino Immigrant on Life Support After Beating at Dream Act Texas. Jose Sucuzhanay, who was beaten with a metal bat, has now been declared brain dead.

Immigration Talk With A Mexican American also writes about this heinous act in Another "Walking While Brown" Hate Crime Murder in New York!

Go DREAMers! at Generation 1.5 links to an article by Charles Dervarics on new optimism for passing the DREAM Act.

They're Back: Racist Music Sampler to be Distributed to Schools at Hatewatch.

Four years after a neo-Nazi record label provoked a nationwide outcry by distributing hate rock to middle and high school students, one of the men behind that ambitious recruitment drive is at it again.

Domestic violence program speaks their language at Immigrants in the USA. Also Well-educated and undocumented helps the argument for passing the DREAM Act. Immigrants in the USA is full of positive stories so definitely check it and add it to your feed reader.

ICE Targets Sex Trafficking Ring in Raid, Arrests Dozens of Immigrants Not Involved in Trafficking at Immigration Prof Blog.

AP reports that immigrants rights advocates are protesting the arrests of dozens of Mexican and Guatemalan immigrants in raids in South Florida that allegedly targeted a sex trafficking ring. The problem: most of these arrested are not accused of trafficking.

$7.5 million Civil Action sought against BP Agent Nicholas Corbett at Mexico Trucker.

A law firm representing the parents of a Mexican man killed by Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Corbett recently submitted a $7.5 million claim notice, which is a prelude to filing a lawsuit, against him and the government.

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