Another Possible Hate Crime: Sucuzhanay Brothers

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It appears that there might be another incident of a hate crime, according to the New York Times.  Two Ecuadorian brothers, Jose and Romel Sucuzhanay, were attacked by three men as they spouted anti-gay and anti-Latino slurs.  How it is that people don't see the connection between these hate crimes and nativist sentiment is beyond me. 

This is just as Lisa Votino-Tarrant has written an excellent piece about the aftermath of Marcelo Lucero's murder, over at Long Island Wins.  I've asked her to cross-post it here on Citizen Orange.  I hope she agrees. 

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Vicente Duque said:

I want to point out several impressions :

1) These three murders of Latinos in 2008 : Luis Ramirez, Marcelo Lucero, and Jose Osvaldo Sucuzhanay seem to come straight from the Clockwork Orange, I have been studying this Orange Movie.

2)The authorities of New York have been complacent, tolerant and ineffective against this wave of hate that started in year 2000. There are dozens if not hundreds of reports of beatings, kickings, stabbings and insults against Latinos and most went unreported. Most have not ended in Murder. The Police, Authorities and Judges did nothing and sinned by omission if not by sympathy.

3) There has been "Ethnic Cleansing" in America as millions of Mexican-Americans of several generations born in the U.S. were kicked out to Mexico during the 1930s.

If you want more studies of the Clockwork Orange, and the Ethnic Cleansing then you can go to my site :

Vicente Duque

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