Time for Reflection

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Citizen Orange has been a little silent since the election.  Perhaps this is a good time to take in the historic significance of what has just occurred.  There is still much work to be done, especially when it comes to the rights of migrants, but for now, I'm going to take a step back from the outrage and just reflect.

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PL said:

I think the election, in many ways, was a victory for immigrants (ok, not gay immigrants but that is seeming more and more like a separate fight we have to wage on our own).

The best statement came from an undocumented student in NC -- 'Manuel -- who danced and partied in the street when Gheener territory went Democrat and Dole lost.

Matias threw himself in the pool fully clothed in Nevada where he was live-blogging for PowerPac.

I think I'll get out of the doldrums and go write up a report.

I think it is up to us ulimately, to convert this seeming win into change because change comes from the bottom-up.

RicTresa said:

I'll be back myself soon. I kind of got burned out from all of the politics. In the words of Arnold, "I'll be back.."

Michael said:

Hi Kyledeb,

Why are you taking a step back when you are 3 or 4 step ahead of your work and visions that you never taugh you will be involved and accomplished.
I know the “Election Season” is over, finally. Those who were victorious, who spent time telling us about the changes they were going to execute are now going to figure out how to fulfill those promises. Those who did not win are going to watch how their victorious opponents try to do what they said. Change! Well, we haven’t noticed any differences except there are no more political advertisements on the television.

Change is very difficult to bring about in government, family structures and especially within ourselves. It is hard to want to change. It is harder to redirect attitudes and our actions.

I know this of myself and through the years have experienced it in so many of the people I have directed, personal recklessness or bodily disregard is present until that moment that some other person enters our lives lovingly. That love does not drive out recklessness. Rather, that personal darkness leaves quite quietly when a person’s love lightens and enlightens exactly who we are. We are invited by that love to see ourselves as valuable, precious, loved. The hustling and dealings diminish as the truer image replaces the used-to-be. Holiness is that then, being loved into the way God’s sees us in Christ. In a sense, Jesus did not so much drive out as drove in. So One of the many issues we have in today is our promises, goals and visions. We set the bar and decide who measures up and who fails. We decide who is in and who is out. It should not be that way. This is an incredible challenge for all of us until see we have mission accomplished. In our vision and goals are many people behind us; People who believe on us; People who pray for our guidance, for our life, for our Families without knowing them.
So the question should be why reflect about it when we have not accomplished our goals and visions?.
People are still dying in the Arizona Desert, there are many undocumented Immigrants who's suffering injustice; Each day, hunger is experienced in every community across this country, around the World, and the list can go on and on.



RicTresa said:

Hey Kyle.. Come on buddy. Time to get it going! New week and all. Write something good so I can use my brains again.

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