Tell Facebook and Peter Thiel To Denounce Nativism

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The blogger from Damn Mexicans emailed me tonight pointing me to a news item on Peter Thiel.  Thiel is on Facebook's board of directors and is a major investor in the social networking company.  According to Vallewag, it appears that Thiel might have donated $1 million to NumbersUSA, an anti-migrant group we are all very familiar with. 

A source within Clarium Capital, Facebook investor Peter Thiel's multibillion-dollar hedge fund, claims that Thiel has just donated $1 million to NumbersUSA, the largest anti-immigration group in the U.S. Another source denies that Thiel made the donation -- but Rob Morrow, a principal at Clarium and close Thiel associate, has backed the group with a small donation of $1,000 or less.
Owen Thomas - ValleyWag (5 Nov 2008)
Anonymous sources making allegations and denials certainly aren't the most credible, but DM dug up something else that certainly makes this more probable.  Peter Thiel coauthored a book, "The Diversity Myth", in 1998 which argues that "multiculturalism" is used to promote intolerance on campuses.  With a views like that I wouldn't be surprised if Thiel was in the anti-migrant crowd.

If Thiel really did donate $1 million to NumbersUSA, Facebook should kick him off the Board of Directors.  If Thiel didn't, it's important that Thiel and Facebook publicly deny the affiliation and denounce NumbersUSA.  Until either of these two things happen, I'm disabling advertising on the Facebook, and I've created a Facebook group to ask others to do the same.  Facebook won't get my advertising dollars while nativism like this is tolerated.
The description of the Facebook group is as follows:

Valleywag is reporting that Peter Thiel, who sits on Facebook's Board of Directors and is one of Facebook's biggest investors, donated $1 million to the anti-migrant group, NumbersUSA.

Though NumbersUSA ( tries to cloak itself in tolerance for migrants, do not be fooled. Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA, used to be the Washington editor for the Social Contract Press, a publishing company which the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a hate group. For more information on how hate has infiltrated the U.S. migration debate, watch this video:

Still not convinced? One of NumbersUSA's only policy solutions for unauthorized migration is what they call "attrition through enforcement." <>

Anti-migrant groups, knowing they can't deport 12 million unauthorized migrants, have instead decided the best policy position is to make life so miserable for them, they leave on their own. They want to recreate worse than majority world conditions right here in the U.S. They want to make life for unauthorized migrants in the U.S. "more miserable than life in...rural Guatemala or the slums of Mexico City."

Another source has denied Peter Thiel donated $1 million, but one of his close associates, Rob Morrow, has donated $1000 to NumbersUSA. Hold Peter Thiel accountable. Either make him denounce NumbersUSA, or leave Facebook's Board of Directors.

Join this group!

Once you join, block your facebook ads!

Until either Peter Thiel publicly denounces NumbersUSA or is removed from the Facebook board of directors, members of this group should opt-out of social ads:

"settings" -> "privacy settings" -> "news feed and wall" -> "social ads"

And should install an ad blocker on their firefox web browser:
Kyle de Beausset - Facebook (16 November 2008)

Please join the group and ask others to do the same.

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Banjo said:

Why not open our borders entirely? Barriers to the free movement of population is archaic and inhumane. If people need help getting here, we should provide the means. The distinction between "First" and "Third" worlds must be eliminated. If it comes to that, poverty and overcrowding must be shared by all.

Anonymous said:

Thiel is a staunch libertarian. If you don't have confirmation from a real source, I'd rate this event as pretty unlikely.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

As I said, if Peter Thiel didn't make the donation then he should deny the donation and denounce NumbersUSA. Then I would stop agitating.

jiveshucker said:

I agree with Banjo. Distinctions between first and third world need to be eliminated, and the first step is to completely eradicate all borders. America (or any other part of this earth) does not belong to any one group of people based on their geographic location, patriotism, etc. and America's exploitation of every country is the reason many people from "third" world countries want to make their way into the states.

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