in solidarity: repeal Prop 8

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Slc_mormon_tempel.jpgBecause when one person's rights are disrespected, we are all diminished. 

Because we can no longer remain silent.

Because we stand at a tipping point in this, one of the crucial civil rights battles of our day.

Because we are not single-issue voters, nor single-issue human beings.

For these reasons and more, I chose to speak out today against those who would deny the basic right of marriage to same-sex couples.  I will no longer be associated, however tenuously, with an institution that fights to reverse such a historic civil rights achievement. 

Change will come.  It's only a question of when, and of how much damage the churches will sustain to their long-term viability in the process of publicly battling civil rights. 

More on how to take action here.

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Prerna said:

Thanks Yave.

The outpouring of support is incredibly. Today, even the useless Governor of this state came out declaring that he hoped the courts would overturn this decision. People are still taking to the streets, holding rallies daily in several key locations. Most are peaceful and tolerant.

In a way, this preposterous measure opened our ways to the persistent heterosexism and homophobia in even liberal states. I also hope people start channeling their anger in more positive ways rather than scapegoating blacks or Mormons. It is true there is pervasive homophobia in the AA community and that the Mormon church did encourage it's members to donate to the campaign that could be a violation of its 'tax-exempt' status but I don't support persecuting any group as an answer to persecution.

But every business that donated to this abomination definitely should be boycotted and gay Californians should refuse to pay taxes to the state till our civil rights are restored.

Francis said:

I'm always surprised to see how powerful churches are at influencing citizens (voters) in the US. Even though they can't be held responsible for the outcome of the referendum (voters still have a mind of their own, don't they? They're not puppets), Prop 8 demonstrated that the seperation of politics and religion is not complete.

I also agree with Prerna about tolerance. The best way to get people to change is to lead by example. There is no point in playing the hate game.

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