Bellow The Crescendo Of Hate: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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As always The Unapologetic Mexican brings us some poverful words. Read Anti-Migrant Democrats Aiding Wave of Hate Crimes.

You know what's worse than a scumbag politician who uses his position of power to blur lines between humans in need and criminals, apathetic to or ignorant of the fact that they are feeding a tide of violence that gets innocent people killed? When that politician is so cowardly that he tries, at the same time, to distance himself from his own doings and come off like a saint.

The Real First Thanksgiving: Revisted at Para Justicia y Libertad.

The trouble is, almost everything we've been taught about the first Thanksgiving in 1621 is only half the story. Little is told about the pilgrims persistent injustices to its indigenous peoples after this "harvest feast." Even worse, the root of America's history is on Colonial American history, which is solely based on the 13 New England colonies. But this is no surprise because this pattern of belief is one of the pillars of American nationalism. And because our desire to view this country in a positive light, it is also not surprising that the subject of US genocide against American Indians is conveniently swept under the rug.

Arpaio´s Racial Profiling Crap About to Hit the Holder Fan! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American. Also read Immigration, Hate Crimes Against Latinos, Hate Groups and Obama´s Steps To Improve Race Relations.

"Va. Panel on Immigration Steps Back From Hard Line" at Anti-BVBL. Politicians are realizing that not only is the anti-immigrant view is a losing one they're also realizing that harming people is not the best way to deal with this issue.

I - Obama and Immigration at Dream Act Texas on the foolishness of immigration policy and the hope for the future.

Instead of continuing to embrace the massive flow of talent, energy and initiative that the rest of the world has long offered the United States, we launched an expensive, futile experiment to see whether we could seal our borders against the ills of the world, from terrorists to drugs to illegal migrants.

Reid: Immigration Reform Will Be Easy To Deal With In The Next Congress at Greg Siskind's Blog.

Frankly, I doubt Reid would speak so confidently if he was expecting a major fight from Republicans. And maybe that's because the GOP is starting to acknowledge that they're going to be a permanent opposition party if they remain the anti-immigration party.

Keating: Immigrants play a valuable role in our economy at Immigrants In The USA Blog.

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