"Anchor Baby" Hating Virgil Goode Is Gone

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Hearing Virgil Goode rant against anchor babies months ago inspired me to write an indictment of nativist attacks on the 14th amendment of the U.S. constitution.  I'm happy to report that another nativist Republican has lost his congressional seat to a more moderate Democrat.  While Tom Perreillo is not the most pro-migrant candidate, I'll take him over Virgil Goode any day.

Virgil Goode isn't alone in illustrating that nativism is a losing electoral strategy.  An analysis by America's Voice (pdf) shows in "battleground" races for House and Senate seats pro-migration reform candidates beat nativists 19 out of 21 times.

So, not only is nativism a despicable electoral strategy, it's a stupid one too. 

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Absolutely. That Virgil Goode youtube clip where he rails against anchor babies is one of the nastiest around. ***shudder***

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