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I think RicTresa's comment was a first for me the other day:

Hey Kyle.. Come on buddy. Time to get it going! New week and all. Write something good so I can use my brains again.
RicTresa (10 November 2008)
While I'm sure others have been unhappy with my absences, RicTresa (who has a user blog at Salon.com) is the first to express it in a comment and ask me to come back, I believe.  It means a lot.  In many ways it is an expression of the importance of pro-migrant spaces like this.
I haven't had as much time to dedicate to Citizen Orange as I used to.  I'm back at school and hoping (finally) to finish my undergraduate degree.  Thank goodness for symsess who continues to be the hero and backbone of the sanctuarysphere with his round-up posts.  Dave continues to be gracious with his time here, starting musical mondays.  But he's got a brand new and powerful pro-migrant space to worry about at change.org.

So I've gotta get back to the basics.  While I can no longer blog here as much as I used to, I have to find time to recruit fresh blood into the pro-migrant blogosphere, and rediscipline writing here.  Bloggers often accurately compare a blog to a monster.  Once you start one, you have to keep feeding it. 

Sometimes it's just one's ego that forces you to keep the monster alive, but it's very clear to me that this space has become an important one for the pro-migrant movement and that we have to keep it going.  RicTresa 

Michael, who blogs over at Pro Inmigrant, also left a comment on my time for reflection post.  It's his urging that is exactly the sort of push and drive we all need.  He essentially asked shy I was "taking a step back" when there's so much that still needs to be done.  Michael is absolutely right.

In the last few days, as I've taken a break from blogging, so much has happened.  It only took Obama a minute to sell out the pro-migrant electorate by choosing Rahm Emanuel, one of the most nativist Democrats, as his Chief of Staff.  Sources tell me there has been a raid in Breese, Illinois, though I haven't been able to find an article to substantiate that yet.  Another migrant, Marcelo Lucero, has been a victim of an alleged hate crime. 

FAIR has already teamed up with Zogby to argue through a pool that despite the election of Barack Obama, "Americans" are still against "Amnesty."  I'll bet you if I had FAIR's budget I could also pay Zogby to do a poll showing that the majority of U.S. citizens are also against the attrition war on migrants.  It's all in the wording.

Bottom line is that we have a lot of work to do, and I appreciate readers for pushing me and letting me know this blog matters to them.

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RicTresa said:

Hey Kyle.. I was wondering if you would consider writing a piece calling attention to the plight of the Lakota Indians in South Dakota. They are in bad shape and need some help, sooner than later.

I am about as poor as a person can get and can't help with money but I can put the word out and this is what I am doing. Think you could write something?

Here is the link to their website:
One Spirit

and a quote:

Jeri Baker
Executive Director
One Spirit

Blizzard leaves thousands of Native Americans without heat, food; Reservation residents burning furniture for heat

Rapid City, SD, November 10, 2008 — A surprise blizzard hit South Dakota on Thursday night, causing power outages for much of the state and prompting the Governor to declare a state of emergency. Four days later, the state of emergency has been lifted, but many of the residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation are still without power. Reports from reservation residents indicate that many people are burning furniture to stay warm, and are without water, food, or electricity.

“Much of the reservation is very remote,” says Jeri Baker, Executive Director of ONE Spirit, a nonprofit which provides assistance to the reservation. “We have been making calls all weekend, trying to coordinate food deliveries and distribute wood. But, there are literally thousands of people we cannot reach who are freezing or starving right now.”

The Pine Ridge Reservation is the second largest reservation in the country, spanning 3,500 square miles. With a population of more than 60,000, it remains one of the poorest areas in the Western Hemisphere where 87% of the residents are unemployed and 90% live below the federal poverty level.

ONE Spirit has been trying to gain the attention of other emergency services organizations. The Red Cross brought supplies over the weekend, but due to incomplete or faulty information, did not reach many of the hardest hit areas. Today they are returning with blankets, water, food, kerosene lamps, candles and other items. But, their supplies are limited and they are still unable to meet the current needs.

Efforts to reach those in more remote areas have been hampered by 10-20 foot snow drifts and poor roads. More swift and immediate action by governmental agencies is needed in order to avert further disaster. ONE Spirit is calling on the South Dakota Office of Emergency Management to move into the area quickly and provide whatever services they can, but so far their response has been minimal.

Since 2002, ONE Spirit has provided food, clothing, heat and other essential services to residents of the reservation. Donations made through their web site (www.nativeprogress.org) can immediately be put to use providing food and wood to those affected by the blizzard. Mrs. Baker also suggests contacting your local congressional representative and urging their attention be turned to this growing tragedy. For additional information, contact: Jeri Baker at 570-460-6567. "

Thanks Kyle - Ric

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