When Your Only Vehicle Is A Motorcycle

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My mother took this photo last weekend in Guatemala.  I thought it was pretty wild so I wanted to share it.

Guatemalan Motorcycle

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yave begnet said:

God help them if they wreck. And if Guatemala's drivers are anything like those in Costa Rica or Argentina, chances of a collision at some point are high.

Ever since I took torts my first year of law school, I can't look at a photo like that without imagining the worst possible outcome ...

janna said:

I was in Thailand once, and I was shocked to see entire families on scooters, little kids sitting down where your feet go, babies wrapped to their mother's backs riding on the back.
Like you always say, Kyle, we are so privileged. More than likely, a larger part of the world can relate directly to this photo, than those of us who can't.

RicTresa said:

I bet it is a real drag keeping the dress out of the chain.

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