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Brownfemipower was included in Utne's recent 50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World . Congratulations! From the Utne article:

Brownfemipower, whose inimitable blog is the anchor of the pulsing women-of-color blogosphere, began posting three years ago. She writes emotionally and radiantly about gender violence, immigration raids, public housing demolition in New Orleans, sexuality (a recent post on this topic included a video of Aerosmith's "Crying"), and other "out of bounds" issues, morphing feminism back into a force for social change-for everyone-rather than an "exclusive networking club."

Regardless what McCain says to the public you know he's more than happy to embrace the rising tide of supporters who are claiming that Obama is a terrorist Muslim and a socialist. Anti-BVBL reports.

The Unapologetic Mexican brings us another wonderful post about the current administration, migrants and the wealthy. I couldn't agree more with the following points from his post. It really blows my mind to watch people zombied into the position of protecting the money of the wealthy (which is a similar model used for war). When McCain talks about "spreading the wealth" he knows full well he's talking about his own - not that of the middle-class and below.

It's actually quite mind-blowing to watch McCain, this rich white man, working so hard to convince the poor to protect his money. As a blogmigo, Kai, said "that's it right there, the fundamental point of racism, get non-rich whites to side with rich whites."

"When politicians talk about taking your money and spreading it around, you'd better hold onto your wallet," McCain told the boisterous Melbourne crowd.

I believe that McCain is working this socialism angle with no regard to the responsibility he has to be truthful with the public. It is basically a ploy to match the middle class against the poor while the wealthy laugh on the sidelines. McCain is showing that he'll do anything to win regardless of truth or responsibility. That sounds exactly like the guy in power now. I'll tell McCain the same thing I've told anti-migrant groups - if you draw hateful extremists to your rally then you really need to evaluate what you're preaching. Whether or not you agree with their view they certainly like what you're saying.

DMI Blog speaks about the new Republican mascot Joe the Plumber and their use of his story against Obama's comment on spreading the wealth. I'm sure to many it's not important if Joe's story was real or not, but the truth is that Joe does not represent the struggling American. Joe has appreciated white privilege his entire life and any failures he's had can be aptly summed up by a McCain supporter:

Basically, Obama is stating that everyone work and those who work harder should pay more taxes to give to those who don't work, or work as hard, or aren't as resourceful. (LA Times comment)

So Joe has simply not been resourceful enough to afford the business of his dreams. And the truth is that Obama would reduce taxes for Joe while he worked to buy that business anyway. On this side of the isle we don't see things this way. It's not about pointing finger - it's about coming together.

From the DMI post:

You can also most hear the shifting gears of the Republican party messaging machine when you listen to conservatives, led by John McCain, attack Barak Obama for explaining to Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, a.k.a. Joe the Plumber, that the Obama tax policy is designed to "spread around the wealth" in America. Since then conservative pundits have been trying to paint Obama as an economic terrorist, plotting to blowing up your bank account and dole out the remnants of your paycheck. Other than the stunning hypocrisy that it engenders - Did McCain not endorse a $700 billion transfer of wealth from tax payers to Wall Street and call for a government plan to refinance distressed mortgages?

Undocumented workers and SS numbers: They are not crooks at Dream Act Texas. Also Not 'A Mexican Thing': Undocumented Asian students face stigma and lack of financial aid, job experience.

Immigrants in the USA Blog reports Study: Immigrants add $10.6 billion a year to LI economy.

Letter to the Editor: U.S. should follow through on promises, end HIV travel ban at Immigration Equality Blog.

Under the new rules, a short-term traveler must meet 12 stringent criteria that impose unnecessary burdens on HIV-positive travelers and continue to stigmatize those living with HIV. The "streamlined" waiver application requires short-term travelers to meet a heavier burden than HIV-positive foreign nationals seeking permanent residence in the U.S.

Why do Republicans hate democracy? at Orcinus.

Because that's what this whole "voter fraud" foofara is about. John McCain and Sarah Palin and Lou Dobbs and the rest of the right-wing torch brigade that have been after ACORN and the Ohio Secretary of State aren't concerned about protecting people's right to vote -- and in fact, their efforts largely go toward directly stripping citizens of their legitimate voting rights.

In Some Immigration News Across the Borders - Canada Holds Online Film Festival on Migration at No Borders and Binaries.

Move Over Tina Fey & SNL: It's La Pequeña Sarah Palin! at Of América. If you don't know Pequeña Sarah Palin it's time to.

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2 Comments said:
Regardless what McCain says to the public you know he's more than happy to embrace the rising tide of supporters who are claiming that Obama is a terrorist Muslim and a socialist. Anti-BVBL reports.

You have to give McCain supporters credit on this one, they did run the people off. There are some hate filled Republicans out there this time around that are hurting the cause more than helping. Unfortunately, they haven't been sufficiently shunned and now the chickens have come home to roost.

symsess said:

This may be amplified a bit, but just like with the Voice of the People USA rallies, in PA, (amongst others) I don't see the speaker actually calling them out. For me the major issue is the fact that these rallies bring these people out. It's similar to the white supremacists attending anti-migrant rallies. If your message appeals to hate then you really need to look at it.

This is especially true for McCain who is not exactly far removed from racism. The Unapologetic Mexican posted a video on this.

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