Schwarzenegger Denies DREAMers: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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Dream Act Texas reported that the DREAM Act was voted on yesterday. Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill keeping undocumented students from having in state access to higher learning. He claims the economy made him do it, but isn't this type of thing exactly why we're in this terrible situation? Too much attention is paid to those that already have while those without are left to fend for themselves.

Nezua doesn't mince words with the title to his latest post. Here he describes McCain's clandestine support for Latinos that we're seeing in the presidential campaign. This is fused with the struggle of migrants who are so deperate for work that they risk their lives to get here. Isn't it odd that we're constantly being told that the powerless are always looking for handouts as if they're living some golden dream on a free ride - all the while our president is trying to tell us we should bail out the wealthy. If you have access to financial publications check out what CEO's and CFO's make. Let them put their money together and bail themselves out.

Problem Chylde provides quotes and sources from the terrible chemical attack on a mosque here in the United States.

It's rather disappointing that members of the Alabama State Board of Education would vote against education, but even worse that some didn't even bother to show up. I guess they don't care about their positions too much.

Is Gingrich working on a new 'Gingrich' Congress? Immigration Talk With A Mexican American gives some insight.

Being the widow of a soldier killed in Iraq doesn't bring any special privileges when it comes to obtaining a visa. Hotaru Nakama, who was married to Marine Sgt. Michael Fershke, is having to deal with the immigration bureaucracy and grieving her husbands death while also carrying their first child.

Will mass voter registrations cause many to lose their right to vote? Latina Lista reports on the warning signs that many will not be able to vote in this upcoming election. It's important to keep pushing for voter registration as we come up on the deadline. Groups like Voto Latino are working to ensure as many eligible voters as possible are at the ballot box this November.

Of América demonstrates the importance of the blogosphere reporting Nancy Pelosi's use of a term from "Meet The Bloggers."

Standing FIRM reports that the governor of Colorado has signed on in support of immigrants.

By signing this pledge people commit to stand for America's finest ideals and core community values and publicly reject the politics of division and isolation that fan anger and hate against any person or community. I will work towards just, workable and humane immigration reform.

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PL said:

I don't think a lot of people had pinned their hopes on Gov. Sch-howeveryouspellit. One thing I fear among California students is complacency--we got our in-state tuition and if we get our 'funding' I don't want these great students who make a lot of noise really, to 'settle-in' to their lifestyles and forget about the federal DREAM Act. It has happened quite a lot of times; the more 'needled' these students, the more they would realize they need to work hard for the bigger picture and focus their energies somewhere else.

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