Musical Monday: Lhasa Canta de La Frontera

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The daughter of a migrant worker father and artist mother, Lhasa De La Sela grew up crossing and re-crossing our southern border with her family in a converted school bus. Her nomadic childhood led her to eventually write songs that resonate with the footsteps and sorrows of the reluctant adventurers who continue to make their way to el norte. She sings with a devastating beauty that reminds me of Janis Joplin and Fiona Apple. 

Lhasa's poetic lyrics are provided here in Spanish and English. She also provides a French translation on her website.

La Frontera

Hoy vuelvo a la frontera
Otra vez he de atravesar
Es el viento que me manda
Que me empuja a la frontera 
Y que borra el camino que detrás desaparece 
Que detrás desparece.

Me arrastro bajo el cielo
Y las nubes del invierno 
Es el viento que las manda
Y no hay nadie que las pare
A veces combate despiadado
A veces baile a veces... nada 
A veces baile a veces nada.

Hoy cruzo la frontera
Bajo el cielo, bajo el cielo
Es el viento que me manda
Bajo el cielo de acero
Soy el punto negro que anda
A las orillas de la suerte,
A las orillas de la suerte.

The Border

Today I return to the border
I have to cross over again
It's the wind that commands me
and pushes me to the border
and erases the path which
disappears behind,
which disappears behind.

I drag myself beneath the sky
and the clouds of winter
It's the wind that commands them
and no one can stop them
Sometimes they fight without mercy
Sometimes they dance
And sometimes... nothing.
Sometimes they dance and sometimes

Today I cross the border
Beneath the sky,
beneath the sky
It's the wind that commands me
Beneath the iron sky
I am the black point that wanders
On the outskirts of luck,
on the outskirts of luck.

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