Lou Dobbs Opposes Legal Migration, Too

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I'm subscribed to the Truth in Immigration weekly update, a project put together by MALDEF, and yesterday they sent out this gem of a video:

We've long known that Lou Dobbs doesn't really care for any migrants, but Truth in Immigration really lays out a specific example where that is unabashedly true. 
I've often heard Lou Dobbs even say that he respects unauthorized migrants because he's labored alongside them.  "Respect" is not the message you get if you tune into his show every night.  More from Truth in Immigration:

Had Dobbs's staff actually bothered to do some research, instead of repeating talking points from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a designated hate group,4 they would have easily found that:

  1. The bill recaptures permanent immigrant visas, commonly known as "green cards," not guest worker visas.
  2. About half the visas are family-based (for spouses and minor children of lawful permanent residents), not employment-based.
  3. These are not new visas, but visas already allotted by law to family- and employment-based immigrants that USCIS and the State Department failed to use from 1992 to 2007.5
The bill (HR 5882) was recently introduced in the House by Representatives Zoe Lofgren and Jim Sensenbrenner and has received significant bi-partisan support. Even noted conservative Grover Norquist, of Americans for Tax Reform, wrote a letter of support for the bill.


So if everybody agrees that the bill would help smooth out the legal immigration system, why doesn't Lou support it? Maybe it's because he doesn't support any type of immigration, legal or otherwise.
Truth in Immigration (2 October 2008)

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MdeG said:

I guess the surprise here is that Sensenbrenner (of toilet-paper boycott fame)is actually supporting a somewhat sensible bill.

As for Dobbs, nothing would surprise me. Well, maybe wearing a sheet on the air, but nothing short of that.

Glen said:

Kyle, can you keep us up to date on HR 5882? I'd like to connect with my congresswoman when I can say something intelligent about it. I will also have the opportunity to chat with a group of folks who will be open to progressive information on immigration in a couple of weeks. I'll follow up on this with email.

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