Holding Migrants For Profit: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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If the anti-migrant ideal is to "deport, deport, deport" then why are migrants being held so long in detention centers?

Yesterday was the last day to register to vote. Hopefully you're all set. Now the challenge is to get to the polls and make your voice heard. It also wouldn't hurt to volunteer and make sure that no funny business goes on at the polling sites. Most importantly we have to keep on those people we elect making sure they're actually doing what the people want done.

Some have tried to blame the financial crisis on migrants, but it seems the truth is they have a lower foreclosure rate than citizens.

Standing FIRM brings us news of a new Breakthrough game titled Homeland Guantanamos. Download a copy and tell us what you think.

Seems we have a Dobbsy winner. Neil Cavuto, from Fox News, wins this prestigious award for trying to blame minorities for the financial crisis. Shame on poor minorities for wanting to own a home. Don't they know their place?

McCain is more interested in tearing at Obama's credibility than giving the American people a path they can believe in. I believe we're all tired of this type of character mauling tactic. Give us some substance - give us something we can stand behind.

Palin spent her time bashing Obama for ties to the Weather Underground while she herself has courted extremists and extremist views.

As mentioned earlier it seems the idea is not to deport migrants, but to make as much money off their detention as possible. Just News brings us a Washington Post add on the profit of detention.

Here's a great story where a man recounts his father's entrance to the United States as an undocumented migrant.

Of América Featured in PBS Documentary: Latinos '08. Check it out tomorrow. Congratulations Roberto.

In The Remaking of America, Saturday by Saturday Smart Borders speaks of the first Iraqi refugee picnic in Minnesota. As many are aware our war in Iraq has displaced millions.

Michael Szaz sent a death threat to the leaders of La Raza and is now paying for that crime.

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