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Another huge raid occurred - this time in Greenville, SC. 300 migrants were swept up and now their families wait for answers. As immigration is swept behind the financial crisis ICE quietly keeps moving forward. DHS itself seems to have a problem handling the taxpayer's money. (reported at Citizen Orange, Dream Act Texas and Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.)

Join The Rise Movement in their quest to bring attention to migrant rights through fasting.

You can sign the pledge here. While fasting in solidarity can happen from any location, this event is being held in Los Angeles.
The Encampment: The encampment for the Fast is in the public area of La Placita Olvera and will include tents, a stage, work areas, and a rest area for fasters and supporters. Olvera Street is an historic monument and plaza known as "the birthplace of the City of Los Angeles". The address is:
(Thanks to American Wetback for this information.)

From Latina Lista: The candidates should have been asked "Do you support a moratorium on immigration raids?" during the debate. After the first presidential debate Jorge Ramos did sit down with Obama and Biden to ask about the border wall.

It's no surprise the Palin express is riddled with the same hate and taunts we hear at anti-migrant rallies. After she spoke of Obama's "ties" to Ayers one man in the audience shouted "kill him." Apparently her crowds are also taunting reporters and showing the hate the idiocy brings. Now that Palin was effectively embarrassed by Couric she's going after her as well. Let's face it Palin - you couldn't answer the questions. You're a governor and you don't even keep up with U.S. issues.

We know there's no "line" and our immigration system is in disrepair. Some immigrants wait an average of 20 years to vote.

Now Texas has taken steps to make it harder for migrants to obtain drivers licenses. I guess they're not concerned about insured drivers as people will drive if they have to, but now they'll be uninsured. Great idea.

The minutemen enthusiast Jerome Corsi has been deported by Kenyan immigration authorities in an ironic twist. I'm sure he's applauding their great work in identifying his immigration papers were not in order.

The Amigos and Friends program is a great demonstration of how a community should work - together. Rather than pointing fingers and making false accusation these amigos are teaching English to immigrants.

Religious Coalition for Human Justice, U.S. Farms losing their Market share due to a Broken system and ICE continue with the Terror tactics against Immigrants at Pro Inmigrant.

Scholars & Rogues reports on a misleading CNN ticker against Obama.

The Unilateral Contract for Immigrants at Smart Borders.

This idea of community is core to the idea of nonviolence. The philosophy of nonviolence only has credence if, as Dr. King said, "we are caught up in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny." As our communities grow and change, as immigration changes the face of Americans, and as globalization destroys the traditional view of bordered states or bounded communities, this expansive self-interest must cultivate a healthy respect and active work to improve the plight of those near and far.

Obama Ad Attacks McCain for Turning His Back on Immigration Reform at Vivir Latino.

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MdeG said:

Thanks, as always -- and thanks especially for the information about the pledge & fast. Is there a list someplace of the people who are organizing? Would be of interest to some of the folks I'd like to flag. Thanks.

symsess said:

The best thing to do is contact them at The Rise Movement.

You can always organize something and then link here or at The Sanctuary. It would be great to see how many people will actually take part in this. I'm planning to, but haven't thought to much on how to get it out there or get others to participate.

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