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Happy Día de la Raza! from The Unapologetic Mexican. 

Today marks the day we recognize the European GoldThirsters coming upon humans they never met before; the era that Italian, French, and Spanish LandWanters came sailing onto shores where other people lived; the time that yet provides the template still acted upon in many ways.

Today in New York 35,000 people are expected to march in the Columbus Day Parade. We know that Columbus was not the first to discover America. His voyage to the Americas was simply an early demonstration on how European countries felt they were entitled to take anything they wanted. As this type of thought continued it resulted in the end of many civilizations and the beginning of many others. Personally I believe celebrating Columbus Day is akin to celebrating the greed that is currently destroying us - just as it destroyed so many others back in Columbus' day.

HUD has stepped in to discount the bogus claims that immigrants are responsible for the current mortgage crisis. From Mexico Trucker.

XP talks about the current financial crisis as it applies to the presidential race.

At this moment, the only difference is the rich vs the rest. McCain talks about being ending pork barrels, yet, he is willing accept $3,941,422 in campaign contributions from same investment banks that pleaded for federal help to prevent an Enron-type implosion while fired executives were receiving fat bonuses or wining and dining at one of the most exclusive resorts in the nation. While all of this was talking place, we continue to are suffer economically. Some of us continue to be unemployed or risk being laid off, uninsured, and homeless.

Rep. John Lewis comments on the hateful attacks on Obama from the McCain campaign and McCain wants an apology. McCain and Palin are working hard to paint Obama as a terrorist, often using his middle name Hussein, because they know the people are tired of the same old Republican bs.

I'd written before about the similarities between McCain/Palin rallies and anti-migrant rallies. Both use hatred rather than hope to bring people to their side. When will these people get the message that decent Americans (which make up the majority) are tired of the anger and hatred. Haven't we proven that doesn't work? Many are just tired of Republicans - especially those that have been loyal to Bush. That's why Obama has stirred up all those people who normally wouldn't bother voting. Enough is enough.

Eristic Ragemail breaks down the fact that Hispanics will vote for a black man.

Let us now put to rest the nasty canard that Latinos will not vote for a black candidate. This election season, Democratic Presidential candidate, Barak Obama, stands to gain several Western states on the strength of the Latino vote. Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and perhaps Arizona are all in play for Obama. Never mind that the Latino vote in the state of California forms a Democratic firewall guaranteeing a Blue status to this very large state. Despite some rank racist statements by various Hispanic Republican leaders, the Latino community is strongly behind the African-American Democratic candidate and come election day the overwhelming majority will be punching the Democratic ticket.

Immigration Prof Blog posted on a conference being held in San Franciso on Tuesday, October 21, 2008 to discuss violence against women in Mexico and Central America.

The energy of the Latino vote has many scared and claiming voter fraud will be rampant. Latina Lista explains.

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