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Calling All Hatewatchers: Introducing the Dobbsy at Hatewatch Blog. A Dobbsy sounds like a Dundee, but it's "a new tongue-in-cheek award, to be given to "mainstream" figures -- politicians, pundits, preachers and pedants -- who make utterly false or misleading statements that have the effect of denigrating or defaming an entire group of people."

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! Only Time Can Change Me, But YOU Can´t THIS TIME!! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

We Americans are turning into sheep. We follow along with the Administration´s political bidding. We fear what they say to fear. We believe what they say to believe. These changes reminded me of the pre-Civil Rights days. I thought we were beyond racial anger. Sure there has been some discrimination but that is not the norm nor the mainstream. I have to tell you here and now. I do not like these changes and neither do any of the minorities I know. This is the reason many of us have gone to the internet and created blogs and joined the PRO Blogosphere. Now the current candidates for President are talking about Change.
Also ICE RAIDs Update: Laurel, MS and Postville, IA.

ACT NOW: Latinos and Other Minorities Being Disenfranchised at Eristic Ragemail.

In recent national elections there have been some pretty blatant disenfranchisement of minority voters. When the Republicans cannot win by using wedge issues to divide and conquer they resort to dirty tricks.
Migrant workers wait around for work at Border Thinking about The Guardians, by Ana Castillo.  Also Ambiguous refugees: Blackbirding in 1943.  This is a new blog for the Sanctuary.  Check it out.

With campaign rhetoric unchanged, it's time to change how White House contenders run for office at Latina Lista.

With all the talk of "mavericks" and "change" and "si se puede," it's disappointing that each side still has to resort to the stale strategy of "tearing the other apart to build themselves up."

"The 2008 Election: What's Really At Stake" 9/13 Event featuring Klein, Scahill, Lovato and Others at Of América. Discussion being held in New York this Saturday.

Voter Registration Challenge at Latino Politico.

The Detention Watch Network at American Wetback.

The Language Of Clothes at the RNCC08 at Awearness Blog. Also Show of Force, a slide show by Liza.

The Southeast Asian Migrant Experience, African Migrants Are Rioting In Spain and Crime Goes UP After Postville Raid.

Proof Democrats hate the US and its flag [UPDATED] at Culture Kitchen.

International Migration: Tearing Down Walls at Standing FIRM. Also Pro-migrant Billboard Torn Down in Virginia and Union Member Defends Immigrants.

It's not about limiting ESL it's all about reducing "illegal immigration"...typical scapegoat scenario at Dream Act Texas. In New Jersey school districts just don't understand explains that some NJ schools are asking students their immigration status. Also Mexicans Don't Come to the U.S. with Diabetes.


El Mirage Library helps immigrants gain residency at Immigrants in the USA Blog and Morgan County multi-culture group shares lives.

Japanese-American Internee Criticizes Tent Cities for Undocumented at Immigration Prof Blog. Also A Nuanced Study on Immigrant Crime Recidivism.

Border tribe: no water for migrants and Effort on Immigration Courts Faulted at Just News.

An agenda For Latinos at Nuestra Voice.

The party conventions have ended and the presidential candidates have set out on the final stretch for the November election. Now it is the time when voters must work to figure out which political platform is in most accord with their personal circumstances and for the country at large.

Institutional Racism and White by Law at Pro Inmigrant and The Political A,B,C,. of our Modern Immigration Chaos.

Nativist Fears Subsiding: 9/11 and the LPGA at Smart Borders. Also Moving Toward the One.

As Dr. King and all nonviolence philosophy holds, we are caught up in an inescapable network of mutuality. Therefore, violence towards some is violence towards all.

Martes Morning Musica : Juanes Odio por Amor at Vivir Latino.

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