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Mamita Mala is asking for help in Haiti. There many ways to donate on-line through Global Giving, but for those in New York you can drop of dry goods and supplies at the Haitian Women For Haitian Refugees center in Brooklyn.

XP updates on Ike. The storm has passed through, but many have a lot or repair and rebuilding to do.

What is FAIR? We know that FAIR is not a fair name for a group labeled by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. Nezua brings us some commentary and videos about this group. Why does the media continue to call this groups experts on immigration?

Anti-BVBL gives a video from Prince William County. From this video we learn that Greg Letiecq from Help Save Manassas believes that barbed wire and machine gun turrets are a good solution to dealing with troubled neighborhoods. Robert Duecaster states "I walked my Doberman with a loaded gun." Chairman Corey asks if those interviewed in Spanish were questioned about their citizenship status and we learn that this board is only concerned about citizens and not all residents.

I hadn't spent too much time thinking of the Palin community organizer comment, but here's John Stewart's reaction which is excellent and worth taking time to listen to. Many here have commented on this and it's obvious that they didn't think that part of her speech through. Many wonderful people are working to make their communities and the world better. The response from the Republicans is that you're insignificant and unworthy of praise.

ICE is introducing new detention standards. I'm not sure what this will mean, but those groups that monitor these facilities will surely bring us some insight as these new standards are implemented over the next 18 months.

Yave gives us a link to a Jack and Jill Politics post that asks a few questions to stir up thoughts on how situational standards apply differently depending on race.

The border fence is over budget, behind schedule and is also about the worst waste of time and money in recent memory.

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