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Last night I had the privilege of attending a benefit concert for a group traveling to Paraguay to help orphaned and abandoned children. It was inspiring to hear the woman who organized this event tell her story.

As a little girl in Paraguay she prayed that one day she could travel far away to help people. Eventually she came to the United States and now, she said "this is my home." She then shared her belief that this country is a wonderful place which which has given her the opportunity to help others. Now, for the fifth year in a row, she'll be traveling back to her country of birth which, no longer her home, is now that far away place.

When you meet people like this it is an awesome experience. I'm sure there are many people like this who visit this site. To those helping others, both near or far, I say thank you. 

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What a beautiful story! Thanks for posting it. The story of our country --more so than any other country I think-- is fundamentally an "immigrant story" and this is a perfect example of that!

symsess said:

Thanks. I agree. I didn't want to elaborate on it or discuss it too much because I think the story speaks for itself. This woman is a wonderful and giving person - as genuine as they come.

I'm sure many people who visit this site have similar stories and I hope we'll get to hear them all while working on new ones to tell.

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