The RNC And CIR: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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Republican Platform Opposes Comprehensive Immigration Reform at Greg Siskind's Blog.

Despite the fact that the platform starts out with the promising statement that the US can have a strong immigration system without sacrificing the rule of law, the text focuses almost entirely on enforcement.

Until We Are All Free, We Are None Free at Why Am I Not Surprised. Frederick Douglas was an exceptional man. Read a bit about him and a poem in his honor.

ACTION: Prayer Vigil in Ohio at Standing Firm. This prayer vigil will be held to ask for an end to immigration raids. Also Paying the Price for not Having the Money on the difficulty of obtaining legal representation for migrants, Laurel: A Humanitarian Disaster - "Yesterday, a powerful editorial Gabino Zavala, bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, appeared in the UK's Guardian." and Both Sides of the Immigration Plank.

Cracking the Convention Codes: GriTV Panelists Break it Down at Of América.

GOP: Only Legal Residents Should Be Counted at Nuestra Voice.

Welcome to America Part 2 - Immigration Judge Uses Wikipedia to Deny Asylum at No Borders and Binaries.

A reflection at Para Justicia y Libertad in The Long Road Back Home From Denver, Part I. I enjoyed the lines:

Albert Einstein once said: "I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity." There is something about driving on the open road looking at the endless skies and the mountainous landscape alone with my thoughts that brings me solace as I can gently cleanse my psyche of the negative junk that has been weighing it down.

John Tanton believes Hilter had the right idea but wrong approach? at Anti-BVBL.

Now this should frighten everyone, it sure did me! A new memo surfaces from John Tanton expressing his thoughts on Hilters failure of promoting the true case for eugenics.
While the anti-migrant viewpoint has as well all modern anti-migrant groups have been given juice by John Tanton's crusade. Every major organization against immigration can be linked back to this man and his heavy wallet.

Should Media Report on Police Brutality at Vivir Latino.

ICE Pulls Out Protestors With "Foreign-Sounding Names" at the Republican National Convention at Citizen Orange.

Sarah Palin Speech at WOCPhd.

Whereas I proceed to tear into the Palin faux feminist memes on CNN at Culture Kitchen. Liza participates in Melissa Long's livecast from the Republican Convention.

The wall of Shame.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at Pro Inmigrant. Undocumented Immigrants draining the Medicare.!!!!!!! and Undocumented Immigrants draining the Social Services? A lie or a lie.

Affirmative Action for Attractive White Females at Dream Act Texas. Also a scary as hell story - From the ACLU Regarding DHS and Travel

...recently, the TSA expressed interest in having every traveler wear an "electro-muscular disruption" bracelet that airline personnel or marshals could use to shock passengers into submission. -ACLU web page

Signs Indicate Minutemen "National Movement" ALMOST OVER! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American. Also Republicans BLATANT disregard for the American Public!

Slavery Makes a Comeback at Immigration Prof Blog.

"Five Immokalee [Florida] residents will plead guilty in federal court this afternoon to numerous charges of enslaving Mexican and Guatemalan immigrants, brutalizing them and forcing them to work in farm fields. . . .
Also Interviewing Minutemen President - "While blogging for Colorlines Magazine and at the Democratic Convention in Denver, Julianne Hing had a chance to interview Chris Simcox, the president of the Minutemen:" and Republican Plank on English Only

Also Palin Will Join The Ticket's Position on Immigration? Is that McCain's or the Platform's?

Lawyers difficult to obtain in immigration cases at Just News.

Gov. Palin's speech is expected to be a D - defensive, defiant and dismissive at Latina Lista.

ICE Makes an Appearance at the RNC at Mamita Mala.

A Word From The Patron Saint of Irony at Latino Politico.

Cyborg Sarah at Wild Chihuahuas.

Sarah Palin is all over the news, but so far I haven't heard an informed, incisive analysis of what she means in the larger context of national politics.

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